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Start the era of comfort in your home with our under-ceramic or under-laminate heating systems. With our underfloor heating cable and ready-to-install heating mat products, you can start installing your own heating system today.

It is the most effective, trouble-free and long-lasting heating system with electrical heating systems under marble in villas, hotel baths and commercial spa centers. It is designed for effective heating in the sitting area, navel stone and back area.

It has been developed for heating roofs and gutters. It is offered with a complete product range to solve the heating, snow load problems in drainage gutters and streams and to prevent structural damage due to the ice barrier.

ISITMAX develops heating systems for outdoor concrete or asphalt snow-ice melting purposes. They are heating systems that operate automatically in ramps, walkways, parking lot exits, factory loading areas and areas where icing is not desired.

They are barrel heating jackets used for freezing prevention and process heating of raw materials used in industrial facilities, chemical factories and manufacturing sector. ISITMAX; IBC offers tank heating jacket, cabin drum heaters and belt heaters.

It provides services for keeping pipelines at a constant temperature, protecting fluid temperatures for process purposes, preventing frost in sprinkler lines, Heating Cable, heating cable and resistance cables for explosive atmospheres with Atex certificate.

Thermostat types used in electric underfloor heating systems; You can order from our touch thermostat, digital thermostat and panel type thermostats and temperature control products. Heatingx manufactures automatic control panels with temperature and humidity sensors.

ISITMAX manufactures and practices with maximum heating and minimum cost specific to each heat group and specification. It manufactures series resistance resistance cables, parallel constant power heating cables, self-regulating heat trace cables that regulate their own temperature.


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ISITMAX is among Turkey’s leading brands in underfloor heating systems . It aims to provide the best service to its customers with years of experience and corporate understanding. Please do not hesitate to send us any question you may have about heating systems.

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