50HT Resistance Heating Cable (FA)


Technicial Specifications

Heat dissipation power:


Maximum operating temperature:


Minimum installation temperature:


Nominal Size:


Minimum bending radius:


Rated voltage:

220-240 (380) V

Degree of protection:


Mechanical strength according to IEC


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Heating cable with two heating conductors, fluoropolymer insulation, copper wire braided screen and additional armored fluoropolymer outer sheath to increase mechanical strength.
Copper-nickel alloys and copper are used as heating cores. These materials are electrical, their resistance is strictly standardized, which makes the power more stable. The cable separates 50 W / m in the working, heated state.
Insulation and cable sheath are made of fluoropolymer. This material has the following advantages – its heat resistance is + 200 ° C, this material has a very high electrical strength and resistance, in addition, it has high mechanical strength.


  • The heating cable does not burn and does not scatter, is resistant to corrosion and various aggressive environments;
  • A copper sheath provides electrical safety (providing grounding) during operation, and also completely excludes electromagnetic radiation (more than 100 times below the international health standard of the World Health Organization);
  • The armor of steel wires ensures high mechanical strength of the cable and its protection during installation;


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