Advantages of Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Advantages of Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

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The basis of electric underfloor heating systems is to provide heating by laying electric heating cables on the ground. The system is made by laying electrical heating cables under the floor covering and then covering it with the desired floor covering material.

As a top floor material, any material is used without restrictions. It is very advantageous as it can be applied under flooring such as marble, tiles, ceramics, wood and parquet. Electric floor heating systems have a wide range of uses. It can be used for underfloor heating of indoor or outdoor spaces by being partially or completely furnished. For example, it is used for all or partial heating of living spaces such as houses, residences and villas, for heating the soil in greenhouses and gardens, for heating baths, indoor swimming pools, mosques or large halls.

Advantages of Electric Floor Heating System

The advantages of the electric underfloor heating system are as follows;

  1. Electric underfloor heating systems are controlled systems. It is controlled by thermostats and stops automatically when it reaches the desired temperature.
  2. Electric floor heating systems do not cause excessive temperature differences in the space due to the way they are laid. Every place is heated equally and there are no temperature differences in the same place. It is balanced in this respect.
  3. Electric underfloor heating systems are low-grade heating. In other words, while the temperature should be +50-80 degrees in the radiator in classical systems, it is between +35-40 degrees in this system.
  4. The temperature of each room in residences is controlled by thermostats. Rooms can be heated more or less when desired. Unused rooms can be disabled.
  5. Partial use is possible. In other words, the electric floor heating system can only be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.
  6. Since it is controlled consumption, the total consumption cost is low.
  7. In conventional heating systems, the decrease in humidity in the air causes conditions such as dust and mite formation. However, electric underfloor heating systems are extremely advantageous in this regard. Dust and mite formation is at minimum level. The air is more homogeneous and healthy.
  8. It does not require special installation or infrastructure, so the house’s own electrical system is sufficient.
  9. When necessary, it can be laid horizontally as well as vertically on the wall.
  10. It is easy to lay, it can be laid in a maximum of 3 days.
  11. Floor heating systems do not require maintenance due to their structure and therefore they are practical and clean.
  12. It does not create dead spaces caused by radiators in certain parts of the house like classical heating systems. It offers more usage areas.
  13. Electric underfloor heating systems are long-lasting. The overall average endurance life is 60 years.
  14. They are safe systems and there is no fire hazard.
  15. The system has no noise and therefore works without disturbing anyone.
  16. Electric underfloor heating systems are floor heating systems that are increasingly used in terms of comfort and advantages.

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