Automation and Temperature Control in Underfloor Heating

Installation of underfloor heating systems is an application that is mostly carried out while the building is under construction. Automation and temperature control in underfloor heating systems, especially applied during the construction phase, are laid in two ways as wired and wireless.

While the wireless automation system is mostly preferred because it provides ease of use, the types of automation have increased with the development of technology.

Wired and Wireless Automation System

Underfloor heating systems, which are the primary reason for preference today due to their health and comfort, bring along the apparatus that provides easy and fast use as well as quality heating. For example, if we start with the automation system, which is necessary for you to control the underfloor heating system, you have the chance to use the electric underfloor heating system automation in two different ways, wired and wireless, together with the developing technology. In the wired automation system , a small box that is small and compatible with the general atmosphere of the house is mounted on a corner of your wall. This tiny device that displays the room temperature also reflects your set point. The automation system, which also performs your on and off commands, notifies you of possible mishaps.

The most useful automation system is the wireless system. The wireless automation system, which allows you to use it in every corner of the house without encountering problems such as cable breakage or damage, also allows you to send a signal to the main module from a distance you want. The wireless automation system, which allows to use room thermostats in every part of the house, provides the opportunity to measure the floor temperature with an infrared sensor thermostat.

Main Controller Device

On the other hand, one of the most important apparatus of electric floor heating systems is the main controller panel. The main controller, which provides the opening and closing of the thermal valves with the signal sent by the thermostat, also activates the additional pump if necessary. This panel, which controls the entire function of the thermostat, has undertaken an important task that connects other apparatuses.

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