Barrel Heating Jacket Usage

What is Barrel Heating Jacket?

Barrel heating jacket provides storage of chemical liquid materials such as resin, glue, paraffin and fuel-oil used in production and stored in barrels without being affected by cold weather conditions. These substances lose their properties when they do not match the temperature of the external environment due to their chemical properties. Barrel heating systems are used especially in regions with cold and high temperature differences. Barrel heating jackets are used both for long or short-term preservation of the barrels where chemical substances are stored, and for preserving the properties of the chemical inside.

Drum heating jackets can also be used on plastic or metal drums. It can be used for different size drums, as the Velcro and connecting ropes can be fixed. The use of drum heating jackets is to wrap the heater around the drum.

Barrel heating jackets are divided into three as belt type, jacket type or cabin type.

What are the Features of Barrel Heating Jackets

    1. Barrel heating jackets are made of glass fiber silicone coated fabric and are resistant to temperatures up to 260 °C.
    2. There are non-flammable heating resistors inside.
    3. The joints are waterproof and work with 220 volts.
    4. The insulation material of the barrel heating jacket is a 10 mm ceramic wool blanket.
    5. Optionally, the thermostat values can be increased up to 30 C – 90 C + 120 C degrees, that is, the temperature is regulated.
    6. It also has an apparatus for the top cover if desired.

What are the Types of Barrel Heating Jackets?

Belt Type Barrel Heating Jackets

They are heating jackets that reduce the viscosity of high-viscosity substances such as soaps, oils, foodstuffs and paints, allowing them to be used easily in the manufacturing process. It is used by wrapping the barrel in the form of a belt at the top and bottom of the barrel.

Jacket Type Barrel Heating Jackets

This type of heaters use less energy than belt heaters. It is mainly used for cylinders such as barrels, kegs, buckets and gas cylinders. Jacket drum heaters cover the entire drum. Optionally, it can also have a cover part.

Cabinet Type Barrel Heating Jackets

It has bottom and side heating systems and is in the form of a cabin. Compared to others, his mobility is limited. It works as the cabinet door is fully closed.

What are the Advantages of Barrel Heating Jackets?

    1. Easy to clean.
    2. Can be used outdoors.
    3. It provides homogeneous temperature distribution.
    4. It is easy to use in terms of quick installation, fixing and disassembly.
    5. There is electrical safety.
    6. Due to the adjustable thermostat, it can be adjusted according to the desired material.

You can check our Barrel Heating Systems to get information about barrel heating systems and to find out the prices of these systems.

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