Barrel Heating Systems

Varil Isıtma Ceketi

Our barrel heating jackets, which are constantly developed with our quarter-century manufacturing experience; It is easy to use, economical and long-lasting. It is produced in accordance with industrial conditions. It is used for plastic and metal drums in the range of 200-220lt. Optionally, production is made in special size and power options.

varil ısıtma ceketi
Kabin Tipi Varil Isıtma

It is used to maintain fluid temperatures in industrial establishments and workshops, and for sensitive storage before manufacturing. It can be carried easily due to its wheels. As a standard, precise temperature adjustment can be made with proportional drive control equipment. It has long life, high mechanical strength and advanced control systems.

Kabin Tipi Varil Isıtıcı
Fırın Tipi Varil ve IBC Tank Isıtma

Barrel heating furnaces produced in our İzmir workshop; Electric and steam standard production is carried out. We can manufacture in accordance with our customer’s existing heat sources. Universal safety equipment, sensitive control units, sectoral features and production and design are carried out in accordance with all technical specifications. It has capacities of 1 barrel / 1 IBC – 32 barrels / 8 IBC.

Kabin Tipi varil ısıtma sistemleri
Kemer Tipi Varil Isıtma

They are silicon-based barrel heaters with high power output that wrap the barrel like a belt. It is designed for 200lt metal drums. Not suitable for use in plastic drums. It has been developed for rapid heating with high heat output as long as the raw material allows. Up to 3 can be used in a barrel. It works in the range of 20-150C.

Kemer Tipi Varil ısıtma silikon ısıtıcı
Kova Tipi Isıtma Ceketleri

These are jacket type heaters developed for raw materials such as coconut, honey, soap, paint, oil-based ingredients, foam, etc. that may not be suitable for the pump at room temperature. It comes with precise temperature control. It is made of long-lasting, food-grade materials and is suitable for continuous use.

19lt kova tipi ısıtma ceketi
Varil Plate Isıtıcı

They are plate heaters designed for 200lt drums and used in different equipment with their flat structure. Proportional drive high resistance heaters have high mechanical strength steel structure, easy-to-use ergonomics. When used with barrel heating jackets, it provides homogeneous heat distribution and reduction in heating times.

Varil plate ısıtıcı
120lt Bidon ısıtma Ceketi

It is equipped with an electronic control unit to keep plastic 120lt drums at sensitive temperatures up to Max.70C. It has the same features as our standard drum heating jackets. It has 800Watt power output.

Hamam Yerden Isıtma
IBC Tank Isıtma Ceketi

Our heating jacket developed for 1000lt IBC tanks with metal cages has 3 different power outputs as 1600Watt, 2400Watt and 3200Watt. Wired heating solutions are also available for fixed tanks.

IBC tank ısıtma
FlexMax Serisi Endüstriyel Ekipman Isıtma Sistemleri

It is designed to bring the raw materials waiting in the barrels to the desired temperatures before the process, depending on the cold weather conditions in industrial facilities and workshops. It stands out with its flexible structure, easy attachment and detachment and being economical. ISITMAX, which has been designing and selling barrel heating jackets for more than 10 years, is constantly improving the product with the feedback it receives from its customers. Industrial equipment such as buckets, drums, drums and IBC tanks are the storage units frequently used in the industry. However, removal of liquid, sticky or solid contents stored in them is often problematic. They need the right fluidity and temperature for proper extraction and further processing.

The simplest and safest way to achieve this is to heat the equipment with its contents. Heatingx industrial heaters are heaters prepared in accordance with the dimensions of the equipment. They are designed to be placed directly on the equipment, fixed and the same process can be continued over and over.

Products; It varies according to product design, heating capacity, target temperature and heating time.

Product Design

  • Designed depending on equipment shape and volume
  • Each design has max. It is modeled according to the resistance temperatures.
  • The usage area of the product changes the characteristic of the product.

Heating Capacity

  • Melting solid raw material in order to process it as liquid
  • Reducing the viscosity of a liquid so that it can pump or fill better
  • To prevent the cold sensitive material from crystallizing or caking
  • Keeping the material at a constant, optimal processing temperature

Target Temperature and Heating Time

  • Amount of material and specific heat capacity
  • Wall thickness and thermal conductivity of equipment
  • Differences between ambient and target temperatures

General Features of Heating Jackets

1. Light weight, compact, low cost

Heatingx industrial heating jackets are portable, compact and weigh a few kilos. It is very easy to store when not in use. Jacket type products have a significant price advantage when compared to metal heating cabinets or heating rooms (hot boxes).

2. Practical and Space-saving

Heating jackets can be used where the equipment you want to heat is located, so you can heat the equipment without having to move it.

3. Simple to Use

Each heating jacket comes with a digital control unit to provide precise temperature control. You can see the current temperature and your target temperatures via the thermostat. The design of the control unit is designed so that the settings can be made easily.

4. Flexibility and Perfect Fit

Heating jackets that you use to heat your equipment, which are produced in accordance with universal dimensions, are also designed and manufactured in accordance with these dimensions. In addition, in case of regional size differences in equipment dimensions, the necessary jointing shares are added to the product designs. In this way, the heating jacket you receive is guaranteed to be fully compatible with your equipment.

5. Efficiency

Heat transfer from the outer surface of the equipment to the closest point to the material without a different insulator is the most efficient heating method. The double-layer carbon insulation technology used as standard in all heating jackets prevents heat losses and provides protection against high contact temperatures.

6. Fast delivery

All heating jackets are kept in stock, without electronics installed, in pieces. It is organized to be shipped the next business day by attaching electronic control products according to the number of orders. Special sizes and product modifications include different delivery times.

7. Safety and Quality

All of our heating jackets comply with current low voltage and EmC directives and also bear the CE symbol. A detailed user manual is included.

It is handmade from high quality materials and components with our long-standing corporate memory. Robust manufacturing techniques ensure a long product life. All products are retested before shipping.

8. Special Measure and Temperature

Heatingx; can make special production for any size, power and technical specification. You can get support for your special orders by contacting the company.

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    ​Barrel Heating Systems

    Barrel heating systems; These are the products used in chemical factories and various industrial establishments to ensure that the raw materials reach the appropriate temperature and fluidity values in the desired time before they are processed. Barrel heaters are produced or supplied in 3 different ways according to their usage.

    Barrel heating jackets are designed for 200lt standard sheet drums and are produced for use over and over with plug and play logic and in accordance with tough working conditions. Thanks to the built-in temperature thermostat, the device is easily controlled. Our other drum heating system is belt type drum heater. It does not heat the entire surface of the barrel, but only a certain part of it. It is an economical choice for heating the fluid in the barrel without time limitation. Drum heater jackets play a more effective role in reaching the process temperature. Our latest product is Cabinet Type Heaters. Our cabin type barrel heating product is produced for processing 2 or 4 barrels at the same time. You can load easily with a forklift and reach higher temperatures compared to jacket and belt type barrel heaters.

    ISITMAX heating systems design, manufacture and install barrel heating systems with different power and technical values for industrial establishments. On this page, you can order from our products in stock or get detailed information from our phone number 0850 888 8110.

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