Hammam – Bathroom Living Area Heating

Hammam – Bathroom Living Area Heating

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The most effective long-lasting heating system for bathroom shower floor, sitting area or renovated baths.

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About the Product: For detailed information about our bath heating systems or bathroom heating, you can visit https://www.isitmax.com/banyo-yerden-isitma/ or https://www.isitmax.com/hamam-isitma/ . On this page, heaters are sold for the sitting area in your bath or bathroom.

Note: In recent years, the sitting area is frequently encountered in the bathrooms of houses and villas. Heating the shower floor and sitting area takes your comfort to the next level. In addition to the existing heating system in villa baths, our customers who want to order marble or ceramic underfloor heaters for the living area in renovation projects can order products in the size and features they need from this page.

Thermostat Selection: We have included our surface-mounted digital thermostat, which we think you will like very much in bathroom and hammam floor heating applications, and that we have been using safely and without problems for years. The 2 thermostats in the options are the same. One of them has wifi feature as a plus. By installing a phone application, you can choose the one with wifi feature to control your heater, turn it on or off remotely or watch it. All features are the same except wifi. For more details, you can check our https://www.isitmax.com/yerden-isitma-thermostati/ page. You can review the relevant pdf for thermostat installation.

Heating Area Selection: You must determine the area you want to heat. In order to assist you at this point, if you have a seating area of 40 cm wide and 200 cm long, you can order a heater as width: 40 and height 200. If there is a basin or if there is an accessory on the sitting area that may prevent the heat rising from the heater, please remove this measurement from your heating area. Heating cables working under marble or ceramic should give the warmth on them comfortably into the bath or bath. A marble zero basin or a different device that may prevent the temperature from rising may cause the heaters to overheat and premature aging of the heating cables. In accordance with the installation booklet, you will easily cover the floor and install your system by cutting the mat from where you want it (not the cable, but the conveyor belt). If you wish, you can get support through our installation guide or by calling 0850 888 8110.

Note: If the product you are looking for is Hamam navel stone heating, please see our page https://www.isitmax.com/hamam-gobek-tasi-isitma-siltesi/ . Navel stones have a higher temperature than the bath or hammam sitting area. The cable length used in M2 is higher.

Selection of Thermal Insulation: Insulation is an important part of your underfloor heating system. There are many insulation options available in construction markets. You can find different products from the market with high-level technical insulation values, as well as from Heatingx. That’s why we didn’t include the isolation option in the price. It should also be taken. Below is information about our Izomax product.

Izomax Undertile Teknik mattress has been developed to provide effective insulation under ceramic or marble with industry-leading insulation values. Just like your underfloor heating product, your marble or ceramic flooring continues to preserve its form and properties as long as it does not change. With its ultra-thin (6mm) structure, it does not raise the floor much in projects with elevation problems. Cover. It has the same insulation values as the 3cm insulation products. To order, you can buy it from https://www.isitmax.com/seramik-tas-beton-alti-teknik-isi-izolasyon/ .


We offer 3 guarantees for our bath and bathroom underfloor heating product.

  1. Lifetime Working Guarantee: Our bathroom and hammam seating area heating cables (Tmax, T2max) are produced with the engineering and raw material infrastructure required for at least 50 years of operation under concrete in an airless and still environment. Therefore, after installation, your ceramic tile will continue to do its job until you change it. In case of a manufacturing defect, product replacement (construction works belong to you) or refund (up to the invoice amount) is contractually determined in line with our SafeMax Warranty procedure. We are proud that we have not had any defective products since 1995.
  2. Thirty-day Return Guarantee: You can return the product you purchased within 30 days in case of an unopened box, wrong order, abandoned product or a problem caused by us. Special order products are not included in this scope.
  3. Best Price Guarantee: As Isitex, we are very confident in our products and prices. If you want to trust us and buy the same product from us, even though we are more expensive; please let us know where you got a better price ( eniyifiyat@isitmax.com ) we promise that we will go one click below our competitor’s price symbolically. If you would like more detailed information about warranties, please visit our SafeMax Page

Note: Heating cables can be relocated during assembly and you can continue laying even if there are slight deviations in your size.

Note: ISITMAX, which has been manufacturing and installing heating cables since 1995; It offers its products as a set that is very easy to lay and hassle-free. You can easily install your system yourself or with the help of an electrician. All the materials and explanations you will need are sent in the product box. Please note that you can get uninterrupted support before or after sales.

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