Bath Heating Installation

What is a Hammam?

Baths, one of the important signs of Turkish culture, have continued to exist for centuries.

It is one of the successful cultural structures. It is one of the architectural and touristic structures that best represent Turkish culture.

They are used to meet personal hygiene and cleaning needs. The sauna effect occurs due to the intense heat in these environments. Baths are places preferred by people who want to sweat and lose weight. The baths, which are places for washing and bathing in almost all provinces and many districts in Turkey, are still operating.

Why Are Baths Heated?

Baths are old Turkish thermal or sauna facilities. In normal cases, it is sufficient to heat the water to be used for bathing instead of the place to be bathed. However, in the baths, the place where the bath is made with water and the cleaning needs are met is also heated. The most important reason for this is to create a sauna effect on the body thanks to the hot air created. Many factors such as providing relaxation to the body with the sauna effect, removing all dead tissues in the body with sweating, and facilitating weight loss can be counted among the benefits of the bath. Thanks to the warm environment, the duration of bathing can be extended and other activities such as navel stone, scrubbing, sauna room can be done.

How are the baths heated?

Two techniques are used for heating the baths. One is heating with electrical cables and the other is heating with water pipes. Today, the most preferred method for the controlled bath heating technique is the heating technique with electrical cables . The electrical cables used in the heating of the bath are specially made cables with heating feature. When these cables are connected to electricity, they heat up and also heat the places they come into contact with. The metal cable, through which electricity is transmitted, is covered with plastic material and the transmission of electricity to the environment it comes into contact with is prevented. Electric heating cables used in the bath heating system should be laid by experts in all areas where heating will be done in the bath. With these cables, it is possible to heat the areas in a controlled manner by circulating in accordance with the technique in places such as the floor, belly stone, calf section and back section in the bath. There is no need for any power plant other than the existing electrical panel to implement this method. With a single electrical panel, the areas where the heating cable is laid can be heated in a short time.

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