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HomeMax Serisi Banyo Isıtma Şilte ve Kabloları

Our bathrooms are one of the areas where we want to feel the warmth the most, especially in the winter months. Even if there is an existing heating system, the comfort you will feel when you step on the ceramic floors with bare feet will cause you to say “good thing we have underfloor heating”. Especially in recent years, seating areas have been built into flat floor shower areas. Architects and customers familiar with underfloor heating often use our underfloor heating products in showers and living areas.

We offer two product options as a wired system or a matte system. The same heating cable T2Max is used in both products.

HomeMax Series Bathroom Underfloor Heating Mat; It consists of T2Max underfloor heating cables, which are fabricated on strong industrial tapes at certain intervals in order to facilitate assembly. Industry Leader, with its strong and flexible structure, has been developed for effective heating under concrete. In some bathrooms, the area is flat and has no indentations. The preparation of mat-shaped heating cables with a width of 50 cm or 100 cm ( EasyMat Underfloor Heating Mattress ) by us makes your work very easy during assembly. It is sufficient to lay the mat out of the box on the ground and cover it with alum or kalekim.

HomeMax Series Bathroom Underfloor Heating Cable Kit; You can choose our cable product ( Heatingx T2Max Heating Cable ) when there is a lot of indentation or when you want to make a floor plan according to yourself in the bathroom. The mounting apparatus that comes out of the box is placed on the floor and the cables are fixed to the floor in an order that you will decide (by adhering to the basic rules in the installation booklet), and it is made ready for the ceramic installation by laying screed or pencil on it.

The system is automatically controlled by the HT Series digital surface-mounted thermostat and a standard 3 meter floor sensor sent with the thermostat.

We recommend that you evaluate our product, which you can safely use for many years and will start the era of comfort in your bathroom, if you are in the construction phase or if you are doing a detailed renovation. You can buy from our products at the top of the page by choosing the one that suits you.

Cable and Mat Common Features

  • With double conductor technology; Isıx T2Max Heating Cable provides ease of connection from a single point.
  • It is suitable for all flooring types with a power of 17 Watts per meter. (Granite, ceramic, decorative concrete etc.)
  • With its TPU outer coating polymer design, it is far ahead of all its competitors in high mechanical strength.
  • Flexible Installation: It can be installed according to different heat needs by changing the CC intervals.
  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety
  • It is suitable for use in the field with different isometrics, indented areas and different fixing apparatus for wicker reinforcement.
  • Izomax sound, heat and moisture insulation felt is fully compatible with our product.
  • Heatingx is min. per m2 for homogeneous heat distribution and no cold area. It uses 10 meters of cable. When comparing our prices with the prices of different manufacturers, please research how many meters of cable are used per square meter. Use below 10 meters; cable aging causes cold field formation and inhomogeneous heat dissipation. The prices of companies that use 6 meters of cable per square meter will certainly be lower. Heatingx designs and sells heating systems under optimum conditions with its engineering formation and corporate ethical understanding.
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    Catalogue, Brochure and Warranty

    Underfloor heating general catalog 2021

    T2Max Technical Brochure

    EasyMat Technical Brochure

    Bathroom Floor Heating Cable System Installation Guide ( T2Max )

    Bathroom Underfloor Heating Mat System Installation Guide ( EasyMat )

    Thermostat User Manual

    Warranty Certificate

  2. 2
    Consumption Values

    You can control your bathroom underfloor heating product via thermostat to create comfortable floors or to heat your bathroom alone. Below you max. consumption values are given as an example. The values given will decrease according to the season, geographical conditions, insulation values and your usage habits.
    Comfort Heating
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 22C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 4 hours.
    Consumption: 4 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kuruş
    0.8 TL / day
    Heating Alone
    2 m2 heating area ( 180Watt/m2 ) 0.3kw heat power
    Thermostat setting: open 24 hours / floor temperature 28C
    The time the system is active is average per day. It will be 7 hours.
    Consumption: 7 hours x 0.3kw x 0.7 kurus
    1.4 TL / day

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    You can see all our references from the link of our references.

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    Box contents

    Heating mat or heating cable according to the order (with cold terminal connections)

    Made-to-order digital thermostat unit and sensor kit

    Thermostat junction and sensor tube

    Floor mount and clip made to order

    Heat insulation mat and adhesive if added to the order

    Installation booklet

    Warranty certificate

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    After ordering underfloor heating for your bathroom, you can also consider purchasing anti-vapor heating film for your bathroom mirror.

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    Promax Application Service

    It is a ready-to-install product. If you want to get application service, you can contact our dealers in your province from our Promax page .

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    Product Image and Video
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    More about bathroom underfloor heating
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