Belt Type Barrel Heater

Belt Type Barrel Heater

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Our barrel heating belt product is designed from long-lasting materials in accordance with industrial conditions. Product size and price vary according to barrel capacities. You can get information about the products by looking at our belt heating technical brochure or flexible heating general catalog.

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Our belt type silicone barrel heater product is a high performance product in CE standards. Soap is used to reduce the viscosity of raw materials such as solid oils, foodstuffs, varnishes and chemicals. It is used when fast heating / frost dissolving is desired before pumping instead of precise temperature housing (as opposed to barrel heating jackets). For 200lt barrels, heating times can be reduced by using 2 or 3 pieces at the same time. Due to its high heating power, it should be used in metal barrels and suitable raw materials. The EEC is manufactured in accordance with low voltage and EMC directives and has ce marking accordingly. Complies with the EMV low voltage guideline applicable within the EU.

Standard Sizes

Barrel – Heat Power – Product Size – Suitable Diameter Range

25lt – 300watt – 800x125mm – 274-276mm

50lt – 500watt – 940x125mm – 318-320mm

105lt – 800watt – 1300x125mm – 433-435mm

200lt – 1000watt – 1665x180mm – 577-600mm

200lt – 1500watt – 1665x180mm – 577-600mm

General features

  • Double insulated silicone rubber
  • Durable
  • IP40 protection
  • Easy fastening with stainless steel springs
  • 25,50,105,200lt metal barrels
  • 300-1500Watt range
  • Thermostat 0-120°C

Technicial Specifications

Max. Temperature: 120C

Outer Coating : Silicone

Protection Class : II

Cable Length : 200cm

Cable Type : Grounded

Connection: Metal spring buckle

Control: Built-in thermostat

Control Range : 0 – 120C

Heating Area : Single zone / whole surface heats up

Special Measure : There is

Heating Times


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