Benefits of Heating From the Ground on Grass Fields

Benefits of Heating From the Ground on Grass Fields

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Electric underfloor heating systems have become a heating technique that is spreading and applied rapidly in our country. The areas and workplaces where we live become much more comfortable and economical thanks to underfloor heating. Underfloor heating techniques are used not only indoors but also outdoors. In order to prevent a possible accident of vehicles during the snowy and icy days of winter days, underfloor heating can be installed even on roads where vehicle crossing is busy. Since the heat rises from the ground upwards, the heating system is laid at the point closest to the floor. Thus, an economic system is established and the heat can be spread evenly throughout the entire area. One of the application areas of electric underfloor heating is grass fields. Especially in Turkey and around the world, it is extremely economical to heat the grass fields used for the purpose of playing football for four seasons with electric underfloor heating technique.

What are the Benefits of Heating on Grass Fields?

Especially on grass fields where football is played very often, there is a decrease in grass quality due to the effect of snowing and icing. In the grass fields where underfloor heating is made, the negative effects of this snow and ice are eliminated and the grass grows in a much better quality. The heating system is installed just below the grass, and the grass is kept in a certain temperature. By providing such comfort, accidents that may occur as a result of slipping and falling in snowy and icy weather are prevented. Since the underfloor heating system is activated automatically with the air temperature falling below a certain degree, there is never snowfall and icing on the grass field. In this way, athletes have the chance to train in all weather conditions.

How Much does the Ground Heating System cost?

Underfloor heating systems in grass fields are extremely economical compared to other heating systems. It automatically switches on at other times, especially in snowy and icy weather. In addition, running the system a few hours before a match, for example, will provide sufficient comfort during the match. It doesn’t have to work all the time. In addition, with this heating system installed, the maintenance costs of the lawns will be much reduced much more.

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