Benefits of Underfloor Asphalt Heating

Benefits of Underfloor Asphalt Heating

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Electric floor heating systems can be used not only in homes and indoor environments, but also in open and large areas. Floor heating systems, which heat the environment homogeneously, prevent heat loss and accumulation, provide comfortable heating, and do not burn pockets, are gaining wider usage opportunities day by day. The system used to heat stadiums, baths, sports halls, carpet pitches, roofs and gutters can also be used to heat asphalt. So, what kind of advantages does underfloor asphalt heating provide?

Electric Asphalt Heating Systems

Especially in the winter months, snow and icing make the roads dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles. Road heating systems , on the other hand, prevent icing on the roads and allow the traffic flow to be provided comfortably.

The system, which can be applied almost everywhere, regardless of car park, garage, pavement, works by varying in terms of temperature. It adjusts itself to whatever temperature the current path requires.

How is Underfloor Asphalt Heating System Applied?

The system is applied with the help of a heating mat and cables. Cables laid under the ground are usually placed under 50 millimeters thick asphalt or pavement. Thanks to the system, which is especially preferred at points where there is a high probability of slipping and icing, such as pavements, ramps, bridges, stairs, terraces, possible accidents are also prevented. Both pedestrians and vehicles can move freely. The system, which can be controlled with a digital control panel, automatically detects the current temperature and starts working. In this way, precaution is taken before icing starts. If the temperature is a temperature that does not require icing, the system turns itself off. In other words, it does not work in vain and energy saving is provided.

Thanks to the electric asphalt heating system , salting work that harms the environment and nature and damages the roads is not done. Thus, road maintenance costs are minimized, nature is not harmed, and the negative effects of winter are left behind. Thanks to the system, which can be applied to vehicle roads, parks and car parks, viaducts, stairs and pedestrian roads, winter passes more comfortably. A similar system is also available to prevent freezing in roofs and gutters.

You can check our Underfloor Heating Systems on Ramps and Roads to get information about underfloor asphalt heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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