Benefits of Underfloor Heating in the Bathroom

Underfloor heating , also known as floor heating, is used in many places today. Electric floor heating, which is preferred by many people, is both a comfortable and convenient system. The electric underfloor heating system, which solves the heating problem in the highest quality, also balances the humidity in the air. The electric floor heating system, which also eliminates the honeycombs that create a bad image in many areas, can be used in any area you wish. We convey all the details you wonder about the underfloor heating system, which can be used in many areas such as home, workplace and so on.

Is Floor Heating Necessary In The Bathroom?

Bathrooms are one of the most humid and wettest areas of the houses in terms of usage conditions. In addition, the humidity in these places is quite high. Especially when a suitable heating unit is not used, the humidity rate increases much more. Bathrooms should have a dry floor and a good level of humidity. For this reason, a suitable heating system is required for an environment where the temperature is evenly distributed. Floor heating is the most suitable heating method for bathrooms. Even if there are classical heating systems in the bathrooms, there is a situation where the coldness of the floor is constantly felt. The only way to solve this is underfloor heating.

How to Make Electric Floor Heating in the Bathroom?

If you are wondering how underfloor heating is done and how it is applied to bathrooms, you should know that this application can be applied to bathrooms during floor construction or during the renovation phase. When you want to change the floor covering in the bathroom or when you are going to have a new floor installed, you can apply the electric floor heating system. First of all, thermal insulation is applied to the floor on which the application will be made. Then plaster mesh is laid on it. Cables are laid on this net in the amount that will provide heating of the floor. After this application is completed, the floor covering to be applied to the bathroom is laid.

What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating in the Bathroom

There are many benefits of using electric floor heating system in bathrooms. Floor heating, which eliminates the coldness of the floor that is constantly felt even if heating is done, also balances the humidity of the environment. In addition, it also allows the constantly wet floor to dry. It prevents the formation of bacteria caused by high humidity and wetness in bathrooms. It also ensures that the heat is evenly distributed over the entire area.

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