Can Heating Jacket

Can Heating Jacket

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It is an industrial heating jacket for 120lt plastic cans.

  • Can heating jacket brochure
  • P800 ( 800Watt ) Instruction manual
  • P800 ( 800Watt ) Warranty certificate

Product Structure

Heating barrel heating jackets are designed for industrial conditions, temperature values needed by the industry and especially longevity, and have been continuously improved for many years according to customer returns.

  • It has a fireproof inner sheath and stain-keeping outer sheath.
  • For years, kevlar seams and iron clasp suitable for intensive dismantling distinguish the product from its counterparts.
  • The control equipment developed by Heatmax is simple and stable, allowing staff to easily adjust the temperature.
  • Aluminum layered, Silicone insulated, glass fiber mesh heating element kevlar seams mounted on the jacket, providing high level of smoothness.
  • Thanks to special double layer carbon insulation, rapid heating, safety level is increased.
  • It offers wide solutions to industrial needs with 1000Watt and 2000Watt models.


Product Dimensions

Barrel – Heat Power – Product Size

120lt – 800watt – 1750x800mm

Technicial Specifications

Max. Jacket Temperature : 70 °C

Mains / power : 230 V

Inner Case : Silicone / Glass Fiber

Outer Sheath: Waterproof polyester fabric

Heat Insulation : Carbon Fiber

Protection Class : II

Plug Length : 3 meters

Buckle: Steel buckle and polyester strong palaska

Thermostat : 0-90C precision digital controlled thermostat and control unit

Control Range : 0 – 90 °C

Heating Zone : P800 – 1 zone / whole surface warms up

Power Option : P800 (800Watt)

Special measurement and power options: Yes, Optional

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    Can Heating Jacket
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