Carbon Heater ( FilmMat )

FilmMax Serisi Karbonik Isıtma

Electric underfloor heating; It draws attention with its fast assembly, easy control and long-lasting usage features. Although the unit price of electricity in our country is relatively high, consumption values are decreasing thanks to the use of electric underfloor heating applications together with smart control systems, and it is more and more demanded in the housing sector with the feeling of comfort it creates.

Electric Underfloor Heating has 3 types.

  1. Mat System : It is the assembly of T2max heating cables on the carrier net at certain intervals and making them ready for application. Heating cables, which are laid on the ground in the form of a mattress and covered with compounds such as alum / kalekim, are controlled by a thermostat.
  2. Wired System : It is a system that consists of mounting T2Max heating cables to the floor with connection apparatus. Determining the spacing and form of the cables in the field according to the heating plan creates an advantage for areas with different isometry. This is the main difference between it and the matte system. After the heating cables are laid on the floor, they are covered with compounds such as screed / kalekim. The system is controlled by a digital thermostat and floor sensor.
  3. Carbon Film: They are ultra-thin (1mm) heaters produced for effective heating under flooring such as parquet, vinyl or laminated parquet. They are produced as standard in 100cm, 80cm, 50cm widths. Unlike the mat system and the cable system, there is no need to cover the heater with alum or kalekim. Carbon heating film is promoted and sold on this page.

Note: The products on this page are to introduce the carbon heating film, which is the main component of the underfloor heating system. It is prepared for our customers who sell materials, make project-based purchases or make wholesale purchases. You can check our page for ready-to-install underfloor heating sets.

FilmMax Carbon Heating Film

It is designed for heating under wooden and laminated parquet floors. It consists of combining the carbon/silver particles between two copper strips with PVC lamination. Thanks to its ultra-thin film technology, it does not cause denim problems with its 1mm thickness in renovation projects. The product is offered for sale as it is imported and not with the imported connection apparatus, but with special upgrades for Heating. In this way, long life, mechanical strength, flooring health are guaranteed.

The system is automatically controlled with HT series digital surface mounted thermostat and floor sensor.


Product Name FilmMax

Product Description Carbon Heater

Heating Technology Semiconductor Carbon Technology

EAN CODE : 8683498834177

NACE CODE : 4321

Heater Length [m] 100 meters, cut-off point every 25cm

Heater Width [m] 0.5mt, 0.8mt, 1.0mt

FilmMax Power[W/m] 200Watt/m

Mains [V] AC 230 V – 380 V

Conductive Part Carbon

Cable Insulation Double Layer Pvc Lamination

IP Class IPX7

Certificate CE, EAC, SEMKO

UV Protection No

Guarantee[Yıl] 2nd

Cold End No

Cold End Length [m] No

Number of Connections 2

Bending Diameter[mm][Min] 42mm

Thickness[mm] 1mm

Shipment Roll / Carton Packing

Field Cuttable Yes

Deformation Limit [N] 1500 N

Application Temperature [°C][Min] -5 °C

Non-Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 60 °C

Energized Withstand Temperature [°C][Max] 45 °C

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    Technical Brochure and Catalogue

    FilmMax Technical Brochure

    FilmMax Installation Guide

    Digital Thermostat Technical Brochure

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    Product Image and Video

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    More About Carbon Heater

    As of September, perhaps the biggest need of our house is carbon heaters. As of the beginning of September, as of autumn, winter is slowly emerging from the door and there is no escape from winter anymore. Preparations for the winter have started slowly at home. The cans were made, the freezers were filled. Well, have we checked our house from all over to see if it is ready for winter? Have we checked the windows, the flooring and most importantly the heating problem? Or will we face some problems like last year? Then I can give you a little help. Also, the carbon heater and carbon film heater service offered by Isimx, which will keep our house warm in winter, is a help you will feel while resting on the sofa as peace at home. Whether you have only a carbon heater in mind, a carbon fiber heater or a carbon underfloor heater, have questions. Let’s solve all this confusion one by one like ripping a sock:

    Isıx Carbon Heater Systems

    Heatingx, which first started to take root in Istanbul in 1995, set out to produce heating cables, electric underfloor heating systems, carbon heaters, underfloor heating mattresses. In addition, it has undertaken value-added projects in 7 different countries and provided services for comfortable underfloor heating projects to homes, development of commercial heating applications for snow and ice melting, and Heat Trace Turkey, which is most needed in industrial areas.

    If we count the advantages of Heatingx;

    • By making use of technology, the innovation in the sector keeps up with the trends and develops by increasing the quality standards day by day.
    • It carries out heat trace applications in accordance with industrial establishments.
    • Underfloor heating, carbon heater systems, snow-ice melting processes are performed smoothly, economically and in a controlled manner.
    • It provides comfort to detached, residence, office or villa owners and erases all problems with security.
    • Wholesale heating cables and materials are supplied for dealers or professionals.
    • It is an innovative institution that is proud of being the first and only heating group of Turkey, working with 100% domestic capital. Although Heatingx is not a foreign-dependent institution in the sector, it strives to be an exporter rather than an importer of heating cables.

    Underfloor Heating Systems with Carbon Heater

    Seasons change and all we have to do is adapt. For this, our first job is to complete the warm-up processes. Carbon heater can be preferred among the economically and practically controlled heating systems to achieve comfort in the house or in all commercial enterprises. These electric underfloor heating systems actually consist of underfloor heating cable, underfloor heating mat, underfloor heating carbon film, carbon heating film, carbon carpet underfloor heaters or a floor heating thermostat unit that enables to control all systems with carbon fiber heater. It has a life equivalent to the life of floor coverings. The easiest is that its assembly is practical and can be placed without difficulty. Heatingx carbon heater is very economical and home-friendly due to the use of thermostat and insulation values.

    The area where the underfloor heating systems will be made is important in increasing the efficiency of the carbon heater angle. Small, with a lot of indentation; It is recommended to use underfloor heating cables instead of heatingx floor heating in kitchens, bathrooms or hallways in terms of reliability, comfort and efficiency. Underfloor heating carbon heater systems can be recommended for nasal, flat places away from recesses. In addition, one of the most preferred products, Heatingx parquet underfloor heater, can be supported by carbon film technologies. It can be applied quickly and easily without the need for coating, by laying it under the parquet with a thickness of 1 mm.

    Heatingx Underfloor Heating Cable

    The use of carbon heating cable is practical and useful in terms of design, in small areas such as kitchens and bathrooms in homes, offices, workplaces or commercial buildings where it is difficult to use underfloor heating mats. Fixing is done with the service of thin and flexible heating cables and assembly elements. In this way, the places to be heated are heated more easily with the help of the heating cable. Heatingx is used together with underfloor heating cable leveling screed or application mortar. It has the same life as the ground life of carbon heater systems when used in accordance with the correct placement and user manual.

    These underfloor heating cables are produced in certain strengths and lengths. It offers the opportunity to select the desired length and power heating cable. In this way, it helps the controlled flow of kW power per m2 by preventing the cables from overlapping. However, in any case, the instructions in the user manual must be observed.

    Heatingx electric underfloor heating cable is in the box; It comes with all necessary connection cables, floor sensor, digital touch screen thermostat and necessary manual and documents. As you can do with the elements, you can also install it easily and practically with the help of an electrician or the owner of the house. There is a possibility of opening channels especially in thermostat assemblies. In this case, a support must be obtained. All underfloor heating cables and overweight heaters work in harmony with smart digital underfloor heating thermostats. At the same time, the heater systems are programmable and have the ability to control depending on the heating need. The biggest and most comforting aspect of carbon heater, carbon film heater and carbon fiber heaters in Heatingx is that they are comfortable, safe and reliable, economical and easily controllable.

    Whether the products produced in Heatingx are carbon under-carpet heater, fiber heater, carbon heater or one of the heater cables; Heatingx Sefamax 15 provides service with guarantee assurance.

    Underfloor Heating Mattress

    Heatingx underfloor heating mat, which is preferred to be used in wide, flat, angular areas and away from recesses, is one of the preferred underfloor heating systems in terms of easy assembly and fast application. In order to install the underfloor heating mat, which is one of the underfloor heating systems, an isolation mat can be placed on the concrete floor, optionally. Then, a heating mat is laid on the insulation mat installed on the concrete floor, and the assembly process is completed by following the instructions in the user manual, such as carbon heaters.

    Heatingx underfloor heating mattress brings comfort and efficiency in the heater to living spaces. It is also economically pocket friendly. As in all floor heating systems, it provides ease of use with its digital floor heating thermostats, as well as the carbon heater feature in the mattress system.

    When choosing underfloor heating mattresses, the mattresses can be cut or rotated according to demand. For this reason, it provides the opportunity to use it in application areas by choosing the desired one among 50 cm wide or 100 cm wide heating mattresses.

    Wattage Specifications

    Heatingx, which has been producing underfloor heating mattresses in Istanbul since 1995, continues to serve with 110 watt, 160 watt and 200 watt heating mattress options. In line with the customer’s request, the mattresses are cut to the desired wattage and made ready for application.

    • Underfloor heating mattresses with 110 watts of power: alone are not strong enough to meet all the heating needs of the house. It provides a comfortable walk in the house by heating the floor.
    • Isimax underfloor heating mats with 160 watts: should be chosen considering climatic conditions and average insulation values. It has the ability to meet the heating need of the house on its own in medium type structures with strong insulation. However, this situation varies according to the width and square meter of the house.
    • Heatingx heating mats with 200 watts per day: It is the most powerful watt among them. Thanks to its high power output, it is designed to meet all the heating needs of the house without the need for any alternative heater, even in houses with low insulation.

    Winter Garden Heating

    One of the most practical solutions for underfloor heating systems in winter gardens is the formation of carbon heater films. After the floor is covered with heating films, materials such as carpet and parquet can be used on it and do not pose any danger. Insulation materials are added to the top and bottom of these carbon heater films in order to increase the quality of thermal insulation with Isıx.

    Heatingx does not only meet the domestic floor heating needs. It also serves in hammam heating systems, pipe heating systems, roof heating systems and meets all the heating needs of the individual.

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