Roof Snow Load Heating

Roof Snow Load Heating

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It is a heating system aimed at preventing snow load problems of industrial structures. You can place an order by choosing or contact our company.

Roof Surface Snow Load Problems

Roof heating systems are designed to prevent production from stopping due to heavy winter conditions during the year, to prevent the snow load from causing structural damage and to create value-added projects with innovative solutions.

Heating; It has combined 2 disciplines that it has produced for industrial roofs since 1995 and continues to work successfully in many countries. Snow ice melting systems in large areas (control and automation systems of our heating systems used in large areas such as ramps, parking lots, tunnels etc.) and industrial pipe heating heat trace systems (Manufacturing heating cables for sensitive pipe heat monitoring solutions in hazardous environments). Our experience of “heating automation in large areas” and “high-tech heating cables” in these two disciplines has enabled us to produce unique products and solutions for industrial roofs with no margin for error.

  • Heating cables with a long working life unaffected by outdoor conditions
  • Heating systems that prevent snow and icing in the environment with high heat outputs
  • Complete product range with roof types and fitting accessories tailored to their use
  • Projecting, engineering, installation and maintenance capability suitable for large area heating
  • Experience managing control/automation infrastructure and technology on roofs with high electrical power and no room for error


  • As observed in the winter of 2022 (Gaziantep, Konya, Istanbul, etc.), the snow load has begun to bring serious problems in metal-constructed seam roof structures such as factory and hangar roofs.
  • It is designed to solve the unpredictable snow load problems of low-slope, wide-span commercial buildings.
  • Roof surface consists of mounting special accessories to sandwich panel clamp points and heating cables of certain density depending on the project.
  • Snow load heating application on the roof surface is basically done in two disciplines.
  • Intensive heating by identifying risk areas (e.m. 350Watt per m2 – avg. 10-12 m cable usage)
  • Heating the entire floor by reducing cable density (example: 80Watt per m2 – avg. 2.5m cable usage)
  • Both types of application are not to create areas completely cleared of snow load, but to evacuate unpredictable and risky amount of snow load by melting.
  • Heatingx; has the complete product program and experience to offer effective solutions to your recent snow load problems.
  • We would like to share our roofing references with you.
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Heating System Components

Heating Cables

Although the cost of the measures to be taken may seem insignificant considering the damages that can be caused by snow load problems, the size of the space to be heated can cause costs to rise to unaffordable levels. We take care to use heating cables with long design life with the most accurate material in terms of engineering. As a result, we come across two important types of cables.


  • Can Be Cut in The Field
  • Can be used in the desired length
  • Even if the cables overlap, it won’t overheat
  • No external temperature regulator and control panel required (Max.16A)
  • The cost of manufacturing unit cables is high.


  • Fabrication comes with termination, it cannot be cut.
  • Pre-prepared in certain lengths.
  • If the cables overlap, distortions may occur due to overheating.
  • It needs an external temperature regulator and control panel.
  • Unit cable manufacturing cost is low.

Control Equipment

Control Panel

Heating cables placed on the eaves surface are available to go to the control panel with junction box connection. Your panel is equipped with a temperature regulator and a temperature sensor, which are necessary for you to control the system. The control panel suitable for the selected cable quantity will be added to your order with all connections made.

Temperature Control: Your roof heating system should be controlled by thermostat and sensor. At this point, different control units come to the fore.

  1. Ekoline Series Control Panel : It is surface mounted. It comes with a rail type digital thermostat and temperature sensor. It is shipped ready for installation with fuses and contactors of appropriate amperage according to the installed powers. The system works when the air temperature drops below +2C, and turns off when it rises above +3C. This setting is standard by default. It can be changed easily.
  2. Proline Series Control Panel : Even if the weather is below zero degrees, there may be no icing. In this case, the heaters will work in vain. To prevent this, an extra humidity sensor is added to the temperature sensor. It is surface mounted. The rail type digital thermostat comes with a temperature sensor and an external humidity sensor. It is shipped ready for installation with fuses and contactors of appropriate amperage according to the installed powers. When the air temperature drops below +2C and the humidity sensor detects precipitation, the system starts up, and when the temperature or humidity sensor presents appropriate values together, the system shuts down. This setting is standard by default. It can be changed easily.
  3. Maxline Series Control Panel : It has the same features as Proline series control panel. The temperature regulator and sensors used in the panel are EBERLE brand. Eberle comes as a set with temperature regulator , temperature sensor , humidity sensor .

Installation: Our roof heating systems and the selections are sent ready for installation. If you see fit, you can add our in-Istanbul assembly service to your order. For out-of-town applications, it may be necessary to contact our dealers and obtain exploration and assembly information.


We offer 3 guarantees for our Roofmax series product.

    1. 20 Years SAFEMAX Warranty: Our Roof Heating Cables (TmaxPro, Hmax) are produced with UV resistance in design and with the engineering and raw material infrastructure required for at least 30 years of outdoor operation. In case of a manufacturing defect, product replacement (construction works belong to you) or refund (up to the invoice amount) is contractually determined in line with our SafeMax Warranty procedure. We are proud that we have not had any defective products since 1995.
    2. Thirty-day Return Guarantee: You can return the product you purchased within 30 days in case of an unopened box, wrong order, abandoned product or a problem caused by us. Special order products are not included in this scope.
    3. Best Price Guarantee: As Isitex, we are very confident in our products and prices. If you want to trust us and buy the same product from us, even though we are more expensive; please let us know where you got a better price ( ) we promise to reduce our competitor’s price to one click symbolically. If you would like more detailed information about warranties, please visit our SafeMax Page .

Note: The product you purchased is sent ready for assembly with the connections made. However, we recommend that you do not make power connections without a qualified electrician.

Note: Our RoofMax series roof heating products are suitable for use together. You can connect a different RoofMax series product to the control panel that comes with the product you purchased. Please contact us about this.

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    Roof Snow Load Heating
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