Cold Storage Floor Heating for Protection Purpose

Soğuk Hava Deposu Döşeme Koruma Amaçlı Yerden Isıtma

Heatingx industrial underfloor heating systems; It provides a solution to two important structural / safety problems such as preventing floor deformations and ice formation caused by temperature differences on the floor in cold storages.

Technicial Specifications

  • Durable Outer Sheath and Flexible Construction
  • Mechanical Strength and Grounding
  • Resistance: 0.058 – 7.5 /meter
  • Conductor insulation XLPE
  • Copper braided earth insulation
  • Outer sheath : TPV / TPU
  1. Catalogue, Brochure and Warranty

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  2. Consumption Values

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  3. References

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  5. Promax Application Service

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    Cold Storage Underfloor heating

    Cold room underfloor heating systems should be applied in order to protect the floor covering of cold storage rooms and to work on a dry floor. You can protect the cold room floor from ice by applying underfloor heating in cold storage.

    It consists of laying the underfloor heating mats on the cold storage floor in suitable conditions and according to the technical specifications and monitoring the heating performance with thermostat and control units. The system provides a warm environment on the floor and this temperature prevents deterioration due to ice on the floor. In addition, it prevents icing on the floor, making it easier to carry materials and to navigate in the cold storage.

    Heating Underfloor Heating Systems products, which have been carrying out floor heating applications for floor protection in cold storages since 1995, are under SafeMax guarantee for 10 years. You can use it safely in your projects and businesses and examine our heating solutions at the most affordable prices. regards

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