Consumption Values

Elektrikli Yerden Isıtma Tüketim Değerleri Hakkında Bilgiler

Electric underfloor heating; It has a wide usage area with more than 100 different application types in residential, commercial and industrial areas. Although electric underfloor heating is preferred for many applications, regardless of consumption values, bills can be around 20 percent higher than natural gas, especially for the residential sector. Therefore, in this article;

  • How is consumption calculated?
  • How does the consumption change according to the room types?
  • Is it possible to reduce consumption values?

We will try to answer your questions.

  1. 1
    How Is Consumption Calculated?

    How much energy your heating system will use monthly depends on many factors. Therefore, within certain rules, average. We will try to give information with values.

    Sample :

    Heating System: Electric Underfloor Bathroom Heating System (180 Watt / m2 heater will be used)

    Heating Area: There is a 10m2 heating area (180Watt x 10m2: 1800Watt, 1.8kw)

    Building Condition: 5-10 years old, sheathed, middle class insulation values

    Location : Istanbul, north side

    Heat Insulation: Heat insulation is used on the floor

    Usage : There is permanent life in the house. The only heat source in the bathroom will be underfloor heating.

    Thermostat setting: 25C

    Season: Winter (January – February)

    1.8kw x 4hours* x 0.7krş x 30days: 151 TL

    *A system that stays open for 24 hours will turn on and off continuously between 2C above 25C and 2C below (23-27). In this endless loop, the system will draw electric current only when it is working. When variables such as building insulation status, heat insulation, location, living conditions at home, etc. are taken into account, average. The system will remain active for 4 hours a day.

    * Floor temperature sensor is used in the system. Therefore, 25C is the ground temperature, not the ambient temperature. The temperature felt at head level will be in the range of 20-22C. It was chosen because it is the most ideal temperature value. With the digital thermostat, you can change these values according to your needs and comfort. At this point, higher temperatures cause an increase in consumption. Also, if you have an existing heating source in your bathroom and you want to use your underfloor heating system on the floor for comfort. In this case, you can lower your thermostat settings to 22C.

    1.8kw x 3hours x 0.7krş x 30days: 113 TL

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    Underfloor Heating Consumption Values by Room Types

    Electric underfloor heating systems can be produced in different watts according to the area they are used. Bathrooms need higher temperatures, while our parquet-covered bedrooms need lower heat outputs.

    Ceramic floor heating in bathrooms Comfort: 160 Watt, Total Heating: 200Watt / m2 should be selected.

    In areas with high heat losses such as closed balconies and winter gardens, values between Comfort: 180 Watt, Total Heating: 220 / m2 Watt can be selected.

    In areas where heat losses are less, such as kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, children’s rooms, and with flooring types that are affected by high temperatures, such as laminate, a choice can be made between Comfort: 120 Watt, Total Heating: 160 Watt / m2.

    • Total Heating: If there is no other heat source and it is desired to heat the environment with underfloor heating
    • Comfort Heating: You have an available heat source and at the same time it refers to situations where the floor is desired to be warm.

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    Reducing Consumption Values

    Things to consider in order to reduce consumption values;

    Heat Losses: Under your heating system, insulation material must be used. Insulation allows heat to move in one direction. Especially when you turn it on for the first time after being turned off, it allows the heating times and therefore the consumption values to be less. At this point, our Izomax series insulation felts stand out with their technical values. Tests show that insulation guarantees low consumption of around 20%. Another heat loss is the way you use your room. Opening the windows, leaving the doors open, etc. situations that reduce the ambient temperature will cause your heater to work more.

    Frequency of Use: When your underfloor heating system is first turned on, it will try to heat only the screed, ceramic etc. building elements on it for a certain period of time. The highest consumption usually occurs at this stage. At this point, you can reduce your consumption values without turning off your heater and using it at low temperature when not in use.

    Thermostat Setting: Take care to keep your target floor temperatures set via the thermostat as low as possible without sacrificing your comfort. Feel free to update your target ground temperatures based on the season and the weather. Changing the temperatures via the thermostat can be done with just a single button press.

    Mounting Type: Especially in cable assemblies, you can make some areas warmer by playing with the cable spacing. In this way, the temperature felt is often higher. The fact that the areas you use most often are warmer than other areas (the amount of cable used is more) will allow you to keep your thermostat settings lower.

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