Corrugated Floor Heating

Corrugated Floor Heating

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With the development of technology, heating techniques have also gained diversity. One of these systems that provide ease of service is underfloor heating systems. Energy savings are achieved with the heat dissipated in underfloor heating systems. Since there is no radiator and pipeline in the system, there is no problem that will cause visual pollution.

What is Corrugated Underfloor Heating?

4 cm floor thickness is the desired type of heating. For its installation, a total of 20 cm cavity must be opened. Since it does not pose any risk while laying, it does not create a burden of responsibility for the people who lay it. It can also be easily installed as expensive materials are not required to fill the space. Providing heat generation with corrugation is possible with the floor design. The heat received with the help of pipes is evenly distributed to the environment. Dissipated heat also prevents energy loss.

How is Corrugated Underfloor Heating installed?

A clean work is obtained by making a groove in the area called screed floor. The dust formed while the groove is opened is absorbed with the help of absorbent material called industrial type and no pollution is left in the environment. Pipes are placed in the opened grooves to be connected to each other. Then a central system is created that will provide heat distribution. This placement system, which is seen in a wide variety, can be completed in a very short time if it is done quickly. This period is approximately 1 day. After the system layout is provided, no extra special flooring is required. Floors such as tiles or parquet used for normal surfaces can be applied on the system. In addition, these methods provide insulation thanks to the pipes in the corrugation.

Surface Considerations

  • The surface must be smooth.
  • After removing the tile, the surface should be made thick enough to fit the groove.
  • The resulting waste must be collected continuously.
  • The connection to be distributed from the heating circuit must be set correctly.
  • The wall opening associated with the surface must be appropriate.

After the flooring is done, the installation company will definitely specify the points to be considered for heat. In the first place, sudden temperature increases should be noted. A gradual increase in temperature is healthier. A control mechanism should be developed for the radiated heat and a certain temperature should be started. In this way, a safe area will be created as well as energy savings.

You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about corrugated floor heating systems and to find out the prices of these systems.

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