EasyCold Plug Pipe Heating Cable

EasyCold Plug Pipe Heating Cable

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It is shipped with a standard 2 meter plug supply cable. It is an easy-to-use and long-lasting frost prevention solution for all equipment such as pipes, valves, pumps, motors etc. that are exposed and in danger of freezing. It is recommended to be in every house and institution in regions where winter conditions are difficult.

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PipeMax Series – EasyCold is a simple and economical solution with its plug-in design to prevent pipes from freezing in residential and small commercial buildings. Equipped with a micro-thermostat integrated in the cable and consisting of a pre-terminated double conductor fixed resistance heating cable, this system is truly a simple, low-cost solution. The integrated thermostat monitors the pipe temperature and energizes the system when there is a risk of freezing (+3C). When a safe pipe temperature is reached, the cable is de-energized to save energy. Available in 9 different sizes, the product is equipped with a 1.5 m cold lead and Plug for easy connection to the power supply. The product can be installed in a straight line along pipes up to 50 mm in diameter.

Additional accessories required for installation, Aluminum Tape (Pvc Pipes) and Fiber Tape (Sheet Pipes) to fix the cable to the pipe. After the cable is laid, the entire installation should be covered with a 20 mm (max.) thick flame retardant insulation layer.

Cable Properties

  • Conductive 2×0.75 mm², 2×1.5mm² or 2×2.5mm²
  • Strong construction and flexible
  • Cutable cable
  • Easy connection
  • Integrated Cold Tip
  • 20 W/mt standard and can be produced in different powers
  • 230 V standard (115 V and 400 V optional)


  • In industrial applications, heat trace pipes are used as frost prevention cables. Designed for use at low temperatures. The dual conductive heater stands out for being an economical model among cables.
  • Mt/10Watt power is recommended for plastic pipes
  • Cable Structure: Double conductor + Pvc Insulation + Metal mesh and grounding
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    EasyCold Plug Pipe Heating Cable
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