Electric Road Heating System

Electric Road Heating System

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Electric road heating system is one of the applications that are started to be applied frequently in cold regions. The electric road heating system, which is the best of the measures taken against the risk of snow and icing, which negatively affects life, has recently started to be preferred frequently. This system is used not only for the road but also for ramps and garage entrances and exits. The electrical system works automatically against all conditions on the ground and offers a reliable ground.

Installation and Operation of Electric Road Heating System

In the electrical road heating system, strong and durable conductor cables are placed under the road where electric current passes. The system is operated automatically by evaluating the information such as surface temperature and wetness rate obtained from the sensor elements placed in the areas with the most snow and icing. After the system works, as a result of the melting of ice and snow, the air temperature is measured and the electrical system is deactivated and excessive energy consumption is prevented.

Heating cables are laid under the floor covering where icing and snow accumulation will be prevented, and a safe heating system is developed through automatic temperature and humidity control. Cables are usually placed 4-10 cm below the floor covering. The system works only in risky situations on the ground, and if the ground is not risky, the system is disabled so that there is no unnecessary energy consumption .

Benefits and Uses of Electric Road Heating

Electric road heating system is a heating system applied especially in areas with snow accumulation and icing . Although it is mostly applied to roads, it is also frequently applied to areas such as ramps, garage entrances and exits. The advantages it provides to these regions can be listed as follows;

  1. The system is very long-lasting and maintenance-free after installation. In this way, unnecessary costs are prevented.
  2. Since the system works completely automatically, there is no need for labor and cost.
  3. It does not harm the floors on which it is applied, like the salt and other chemicals used for icing.
  4. It is the most effective method in preventing hidden ice and snow accumulation.
  5. No need for snow blowers and equipment.

You can check our Underfloor Heating Systems on Ramps and Roads to get information about electrical road heating systems and to find out the prices of these systems.

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