Electric Roof Heating and Gutter Heating Systems

Electric Roof Heating and Gutter Heating Systems

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Although our country generally has a warm and mild climate, we often encounter heavy snowfall and frost events in winter. Although snow creates a pleasant impression as a natural beauty, the snowfall, the subsequent melting and freezing of the melting snow can cause significant problems on the roofs. The covering of the grooves designed for the evacuation of snow and rainwater from the roof with ice as a result of melting and freezing forms the basis of these problems.

Very high costs are encountered due to problems such as melting snow waters on the roof surface leaking into the attic, disrupting roof insulation, severe heat losses, regional currents in the building, corrugated-roof cover and damage to the exterior cladding. Damage to the roof surface may occur due to icing. Icicles can create weight, causing grooves to break and stalactites to break and fall off at unexpected moments.

What is An Electric Roof Heating System?

Roof heating systems have improved significantly in the recent past and electric heater cables have been produced to solve all these negative situations. These cables are a highly effective and alternative material for preventing icing on the roof surface and grooves. Heater cables fixed with aluminum tapes and silicone to the area where icing will be prevented, such as the corrugated and roof surface, convert electrical energy into heat energy, preventing the formation of icing. Thus, melting snow waters freeze again, clogging the gutters and preventing the danger of stalactites. Since the water easily finds a flow route, the problem is completely solved.

Is Electric Roof Heating System Safe?

The cables used in the electric roof heating system pose no danger, on the contrary, they are extremely safe. They are resistant to even the heaviest winter conditions. They work smoothly in all conditions. Their lifespan is quite long.

Automatic Icing Detector in Roof Heating

The electric roof heating system, which is preferred for snow ice melting for roofs, works only when needed with its icing detector. It consists of an icing detector, humidity-temperature sensor and control box. As soon as it detects that the icing has started, the heater provides energy flow to the cable and the heating process begins. Thus, unnecessary energy consumption and expenditure are prevented. If the air temperature is very low but there is no icing on the roof, the system does not kick in. The electric roof heating system begins to work only in case the air temperature drops below zero and there is moisture, water, snow on the roof surface or groove. In short, it is enough to create the risk of icing.

Where is the Electric Roof Heating System Used?

Electric roof heating systems In every city, especially our regions such as Erzurum-Kars, where winter conditions are severe and are subjected to heavy snowfall and icing; it is a suitable and necessary technology for all structures including residential, commercial structure, public buildings and historical buildings. It’s not a luxury, it’s a real necessity. Its main uses are drain pipes, grooves and critical roof edges, as well as flushed roof drainage systems located on flat roofs.

Why Should I Build An Electric Roof Heating System?

Energy saving with smart heating cables

Standard heating cables provide constant and continuous energy, while intelligent heating cables with precise control mechanism with sensors and detectors only work as needed. This provides significant financial savings in the medium term.

Easy installation and 100% safe operation

The installation of the system, also called roof groove resistance, is very practical and completely safe to use. There are also practical roof heat bands placed on the roofs for defrosting purposes. Heater cable and tape can be cut to the required length and can be used in grooves without risks such as overheating or burning.

Durable and long-lasting material

Even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions, the UV-resistant modified polyolefin retains itself thanks to its outer sheath and offers long-lasting comfort of use.

How is pricing in building an electric roof heating system?

As with all installation services, the most important factors affecting pricing in the installation of electric roof heating system are the surface area and material quality of the region to be applied. Electric roof heating systems, which are the easiest and most practical method for snow ice prevention on your groove and roof surfaces, are offered to you using the highest quality and safest materials with heating experience and technological infrastructure. Following the on-site exploration and feasibility studies to be carried out in the building where the system will be applied, the most appropriate price is determined for you. With your electric roof heating system, which is installed by the expert Heating team in a very short time; it is up to you to enjoy comfort without any problems during the entire winter months.

As Heatmax, we spend all our energy for the peace and comfort of our customers with our technological heating solutions that make life easier.

For the most suitable heating recommendations for your roof and electric roof heating prices, you can look at our
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