Electric Under-Heating System in Stadiums

Electric Under-Heating System in Stadiums

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Is Under-Heating Required in Stadiums?

Football is an outdoor sport played in the snow or rain, in short, in all seasons, so the floors should remain in the most efficient state. Playing football on bad ground, which most of the world follows, reduces ratings. It can also lead to possible injuries, which can lead to loss of points and therefore financial losses. Clubs that are aware of these use this application on their floors. Examples of this include European leagues. As you know, winter conditions in Europe are harsher. Although it is unlikely to find suitable weather conditions for the field floors, the smoothness and quality of the floors dazzles, which, as such, increases both the game and the viewing revenues. Underfloor heating in stadiums becomes a necessity for these reasons.

Why Electric Under-Heating System?

There is also a watering system and underfloor heating, but there is a danger of freezing water in harsh weather conditions. Keeping stadiums at a certain temperature is extremely costly in irrigation system and underfloor heating systems. In the electric underfloor heating system, heat-emitting cables are placed on the floor. This system, which only works if it is activated a few hours before the required times, saves a great deal of energy. In addition, its cables are long-lasting and do not require continuous maintenance. Fault warning systems installed in stadiums give you a warning in the run-up to any failures, ensuring your safety. It also helps you understand where the error is.

Benefits of Electric Under-Heating to The Fields

The benefits of electric underfloor heating are:

  1. Like other underfloor heating systems, it does not require continuous maintenance, which prevents the ground of the site from constantly deteriorating.
  2. It ensures that the grass remains at a certain temperature for elongation in areas where the winter months are harsh, which ensures visual protection of the ground while also preventing the risk of possible icing.
  3. It provides much faster heating than piped heating and does not require continuous operation to keep the system intact. This saves energy and prevents increased financial losses by eliminating the need for extra staff to control stadium expenses.

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