Electric Underfloor Heating Projects

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In order to be comfortable in your home, the climatic conditions must be suitable. Easy-to-use, economical and modern heating awaits you with the smart and electric underfloor heating systems offered by Isıx Underfloor Heating Systems . Moreover, you will get the most economical heating prices with Isıx, the only domestic resistance cable manufacturer of our country.

If you want to describe underfloor heating systems in one word, that word will be comfort. Saving with smart thermostats is another reason for your preference. When used together with touch screen digital thermostats, you will not only contribute to the aesthetics of your living spaces, but also all control will be in your hands thanks to the thermostats designed for your underfloor heating system. You can operate your heaters according to your usage habits by programming your heating system hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can program different rooms to operate automatically at different temperatures and at different times.

By using the thermostat and sensors together, the underfloor heating system can be adjusted 2-5 degrees lower than conventional heating systems. Even though you set your air conditioner to 26C in winter, you can reach an equal temperature on the entire floor by setting this degree to 24C in your underfloor heating system, in response to the chills you experience due to the circulation of the air.

The most important feature of the electric underfloor heating system is that it performs underfloor heating. The heating system, which is installed in the area closest to the floor with the principle of rising of the heated air, spreads homogeneously on the entire floor at equal intervals. In this way, both comfort and equal distribution of warmth are ensured.

Electric underfloor heating systems, which do not take up space, burn less, do not cause problems, are easily controlled and are very comfortable, unlike air conditioners, central heating cores and watery underfloor heating systems, are designed to be used under all floor coverings.

Your underfloor heating system consists of 2 main products;

  1. underfloor heating mattress
  2. underfloor heating cable

Underfloor heating mattress; It is formed by fixing the heating cables on the plastic nets at certain intervals as fabrication. They are used more frequently than heating cables in underfloor heating systems, as the mattresses are prepared at the exact size and heat power you want and do not deform until they are under the concrete or floor mortar without any intervention during the assembly stage. The width of the floor heating mats is prepared as 50 cm or 100 cm and stock is kept. Other dimensions are considered as special production and price differences occur. The cables used in the heating mattresses have been added to the supply cables with the cold end technology. In this way, the installation of heating cables and supply cables in the field is prevented and convenience is provided.

Although mattresses provide ease of assembly in the field, they can pose application difficulties especially in rounded, narrow or indented areas. At this point, you have two options:

  1. You can easily remove the heater cables from the mattress, cut the free parts of the mattress, and fix the cable you disconnected from the mattress to the ground with Isıx mounting elements, depending on the condition of the floor. At this point, you should be careful that the cables do not coincide with each other and do not come too close.
  2. The other option is to think of your electric underfloor heating system as a heating cable, not in the form of a mattress, and order accordingly. In this way, you can implement your system in cable spacings in accordance with the instructions in your user manual for mounting elements and WATT/m2 power targeted in m2.

underfloor heating cable; The most important component of the underfloor heating system, also known as the resistance cable, is the heating cables. Underfloor heating cables are produced with different coatings according to their usage areas, working conditions and application options. They are produced to be equivalent to the life of the area where they are laid, which, in the simplest definition, does not burn under concrete, does not break, does not deteriorate, does not age, does not die, does not lose its function. As Isıx Heating Systems , which has been designing, producing and applying floor heating systems in business and living spaces since 1995, we always pay attention to manufacturing above the standards, but sometimes we witness that wrong products are sold in order to be economical.

No matter how strong the floor heating cables are produced, they can deform over time under heavy concrete or flooring mortar on a hard object in the area where they are applied. For this reason, take care to apply your heater cables on a clean and smooth surface. At this point, we recommend using an insulation mat under your heating cables or underfloor heating mats. Insulation mats not only prevent heat losses, but also minimize the defects that can damage the cables on the floor. We recommend the use of isolation mattresses in buildings that are under construction and in renovation projects.

Underfloor heating systems must be used with thermostats. Thermostats produce enough power to feed your heating system up to 16AMP and automatically manage the system according to the working principles you will set up. For higher power requirements it may be necessary to use a control cabinet. The use of 1 thermostat for each room in apartments and villas will be sufficient for the electricity supply of your system. Underfloor heating thermostats used today are produced very stylishly to adapt to the aesthetics of living spaces. There are many alternatives such as different colors, touch screen and wi-fi options in the market.

The common benefit of the underfloor heating system and the thermostats produced in accordance with this system is that your heaters can be programmed according to your usage conditions and work automatically. You can heat your bathroom before you wake up, turn off the kitchen after 10 o’clock, set 25C in the children’s room and 20C in the living room, and if you wish, you can integrate your system into your smart building automation. Whatever type of heating system you use, electric floor heating systems will always be the easiest to control and the longest-lasting, aside from variables such as applicability, investment costs and consumption values.

We have already mentioned that underfloor heating systems have a fast heating performance with thermostats and can be easily controlled, as well as long-lasting. The fact that they are long-lasting, or in other words, that they have a lifetime equivalent to the life of the floor on which they are laid, is also reflected in the warranty periods. Many companies in the market offer different warranty terms and service options. The most famous warranty option is the Lifetime Warranty, which says it’s for the life of the flooring. On the warranty certificate, the service period is 10 years. Due to their structure, heating cables work without problems for many years if they are installed under appropriate conditions, except for force majeure, under concrete in an airless environment. Failure can occur either at the very beginning or much later depending on application errors. At this point, it is necessary to evaluate the guarantees given in 2 important aspects:

  1. Warranty against manufacturing defects
  2. X-year service guarantee

The warranty against manufacturing defects is actually not very important. Namely; Heating cables are constantly tested during the production, stock, order, distribution and application stages. In this way, it is controlled at every stage of operation of the device until it is buried under the concrete. It is measured and noted for the last time after the concrete is submerged. After this stage, it is necessary to talk about the application error, not the manufacturing error. Implementation errors can manifest themselves after many years. At this point, it would be a more correct approach to look at how many years of free service the product you buy provides rather than the lifetime warranty option.

Isıx Underfloor Heating Systems meets all your warranty expectations with a 15-year SafeMax guarantee indoors.

On a wonderful winter morning after 5 years, you should be able to get service when your underfloor heating device does not work, even if it is very unlikely. Generally, during these times, thermostats, which have a certain working life according to their usage patterns, may fail rather than your heating system. It may be better to replace it with thermostats with new features after many years.

Thermostats used in Heatingx heating systems are guaranteed for 5 years. If it breaks, we replace it, if it breaks after 5 years, you can buy a more up-to-date thermostat with a fee.

Usage Patterns of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems are applied with heating cables or using these cables in the form of mattresses. However, it is important how and for what purpose you will use your underfloor heating system in your home and workplace. For this, you must ask the following questions;

  1. Are you going to use it as the main heating source?
  2. Are you going to use it on a specific floor for comfort purposes or as a secondary heating to supplement your main heating source?
  3. Are you going to use your system under parquet?

These 3 questions affect your entire underfloor heating system.

Namely; If you are going to have underfloor heating as the main heating source in your homes and workplaces, you should have heating under concrete. In order for your heating system to heat your home or workplace alone, they must be produced at high power. This is only possible with sub-concrete applications. While 180-200Watt / m2 power is sufficient in a structure with low insulation values, 160-180Watt / m2 power can be sufficient in strong structures with insulation values, especially in new projects. It is also possible to reduce our power requirement per m2 to 140-160 Watts/m2 with strong insulation values in a temperate climate.

You cannot use the underfloor heating cables produced to achieve these strengths under wooden parquets if you do not want them to deteriorate after many years, even if they remain under carpet, vinyl surfaces and concrete.

Comfort floor heating system can be used under concrete or under all known floors. This is because the m2/Watt power is kept low. Here, it is important to have economical heating and to have comfortable floors at the same time. You can also use it as a support to your main heating source with underfloor heating. In this option, 80-120 Watt/m2 power output will not be sufficient as the main heating source.

For wooden parquets, which have a wide and widespread usage area, you cannot choose your underfloor heating system at high power even if it is under concrete. The reason for this is that high temperatures cause deterioration of the parquet. Installing a comfort heating system under concrete and laying parquet on it is the most common usage option.

So, what will happen when you want to change your existing parquet or if you want to break the ceramics on the floor and have the parquet covered?

Electric Carbon Heater Film

Heating films, which can be applied under the parquet with a thickness of 1 mm without using concrete or leveling mortar and do not create height, have had a wide area of use in recent years. Carbon heater films are basically very thin structures formed by placing carbon between 2 copper conductors. Today, they are widely used for comfort on parquet floors. Heating films produced in South Korea are very economical and ideal products for use under parquet.

The warranty period of carbon heater films is 5 years. Distributor is guaranteed.

For users who do not want a carbonic system heater and do not have a jeans problem, we recommend Heatingx Foil Heaters . They work with the principle of spreading the heat to the entire floor by keeping the heating cables between 2 aluminum layers in the form of a mattress. High temperatures, which do not come into direct contact with the parquet, spread to the floor, protecting the parquet and creating warm floors.

In this article, where we talk about underfloor heating systems in general, we find it useful to go over some important points again.

  1. Underfloor heating systems are basically divided into two as heating cable or heating mattress. While the mattresses provide ease of assembly in flat, angular and wide areas; Heating cable is used more effectively in small, narrow, round and indented areas. Kitchens and bathrooms are areas where cables are preferred.
  2. The cables used in underfloor heating systems differ according to the area used and the heating requirement. You should choose different power heating cables as the sole heat source or for economy and comfort on warm floors.
  3. Insulation mattresses protect your heating system from defects on the floor and keep your heat losses to a minimum.
  4. You should definitely turn to warranties that offer free service and repair options rather than guarantees against manufacturing defects.
  5. If you are going to have underfloor heating, you should be careful that the m2/Watt power of your heating system is not too high. Carbon heater films or foil heating mats are very suitable options for heating under parquet.
  6. Underfloor heating systems offer more hygienic environments at this point, as the dust generated in our homes and workplaces cannot adhere to dry floors. In addition, damp floors such as bathrooms are suitable environments for the formation of invisible bacteria. Heated floors are also protected from dampness and humidity.
  7. In traditional heating methods, air flow and cold areas may occur in the environment. Underfloor heating systems heat the entire floor with the principle of rising air from the floor and air currents are minimal. In terms of spreading invisible dust, this situation is also in favor of underfloor heating.
  8. Heating systems are tested as fabrication and sent with the necessary connections made beforehand. In this way, they are applied quite easily with the help of an electrician.

You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about electric underfloor heating projects and to find out the prices of these systems.

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