Electric Underfloor Heating System Ease of Use

Electric Underfloor Heating System Ease of Use

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Underfloor heating is a system in which heating is obtained by laying electrical heating cables on the floor. The main logic of the system is to expand the area and reduce the temperature differences that will occur. Therefore, more comfortable heating is obtained by consuming less energy.

In recent years, these systems have been widely used as an alternative to classical systems, in living spaces such as residences and villas, as well as in large areas such as mosques and sports halls, greenhouses and gardens, baths and spa centers. Underfloor heating prices remain in the background besides the advantages it provides. The system is easy and fast to set up. Let’s take a quick look at how underfloor heating is done ;

How is Underfloor Heating Made?

At the first stage, underfloor heating begins with the laying of electric cables on the floor. In the second stage, a very thin screed is poured on the cables and flattened. After the screed dries, the system is covered with floor covering material.

All kinds of floor covering materials can be used. Whether marble, tile or ceramic is desired, wooden parquet can be used as a floor material. In terms of the variety of coating materials to be used on the floor, underfloor heating is highly preferred despite the prices.

These systems, if desired, can be installed in houses or partially or completely in the area to be heated. For example, it can be installed only on winter balconies, only in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as in every room. However, although it seems simple, it is important for the quality of the heating after a good study during the projecting phase.

Electric Underfloor Heating System Ease of Use

Electric underfloor heating systems are easy-to-use heating systems because they do not require maintenance and are long-lasting.

In these systems, each place is controlled by thermostats. Rooms with low usage can be closed if desired. The system stops automatically when it reaches the desired temperature.

It does not cause problems such as visual pollution or creating dead space in rooms, as radiators do in classical systems.

It is not dangerous if left open. Even if the system works continuously, it will not do any harm.

They are silent systems because they have no noise. It doesn’t bother anyone.

Problems such as flooding, which are common in classical systems, do not occur. Underfloor heating electrical cables are not affected by water leaks. The cables are waterproof.

It is especially useful for families with children. Since the floors will be hot, the problems that children or babies will experience in situations such as crawling or stepping on the cold floor are not experienced in these systems.

There is no need to worry about how to make underfloor heating, as this system can be easily done even when there are people living in the house. In terms of the advantages and ease of use provided by the system, floor heating prices are more affordable than expected.

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