Electric underfloor heating systems

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As Isıx , we offer you electric underfloor heating systems so that you can sit comfortably at home and lead a comfortable life with a system that adapts to every climate condition. The system is very easy to use and has an economical and modern structure. Thanks to the experience of a company that produces only domestic resistance cables in Turkey, you can enjoy heating at very affordable prices.

Electric underfloor heating systems provide people with comfortable and cozy environments. Cables, pipes and devices that do not take up space, less incoming bills and making the environment warm in all climatic conditions can only be described with the word “ comfort ”. Electric underfloor heating systems with smart thermostats are the best way to save money. As ISITMAX underfloor heating systems , we carry out all the necessary operations flawlessly in order to provide you with the best service. Especially in winter months, we ensure that you warm up comfortably without experiencing any heating problems due to the falling air temperatures.

One of the most important features of the underfloor heating system is that the heating passes through the floor. While the system is running, the heat radiates from the floor, preventing the feeling of cold. You can walk around easily without even laying a carpet. Children who step on the ground with bare feet are less likely to get sick. Underfloor heating systems that you intend to have in your homes or workplaces are considered as stand-alone heating systems. However, if desired, it can also be used as a second heating system in addition to the existing systems.

You can have electric underfloor heating systems with ISITMAX quality and assurance. ISITMAX heating systems offer you quality and economical heating solutions in the light of its experience. You can come to us with the projects you want and you can buy the products that are suitable for you from our own production to use in your heating projects. Hearing from many of our customers, who are satisfied with the systems we have installed, that they heat their homes and workplaces at low cost without the need for any other heating system, is an indicator of our success.

Electric heating systems used in homes and workplaces have many advantages. While the cables laid underground do not cause any visual pollution, adjusting the temperature of the environment creates an ideal temperature for health. With the decrease in temperatures, a cold air flow occurs in the house and the individuals in the house start to get sick by being affected by the cold. Underfloor electric heating systems make the air flow in the house warm, allowing you to live without encountering any health problems.

Electric underfloor heating systems are very attractive in both homes and businesses. You can contact our customer service and get detailed information to have quality heating systems at economical prices with the assurance of ISITMAX .

For prices and detailed information, you can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems .

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