The average wind turbine blade can be anywhere between 116 ft and 148 ft. Most of it is glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Anyone who has worked with epoxy resins such as those used in wind blades knows the importance of proper curing: When epoxy resins do not cure properly at the right temperatures, the chemical, mechanical and heat resistant properties required for strong blades are compromised. Because these blades are so large, it becomes difficult to cure joints when ambient temperatures are not warm enough. Traditional curing methods offer the following solutions:

  • Building a hot box around the joint of a turbine blade
  • Using a large curing oven

I don’t know about you, but I think both of these options sound time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there is a much easier solution.

Using Heated Blankets

Powerblanket offers heated blankets that provide local heat to the area that needs to be cured. These shrouds make it possible to repair a blade in cold weather (as low as -40°F) and faster than before without removing the turbine rotor. Powerblanket’s heated blankets regulate temperature, keeping temperatures ideal throughout the entire curing process. All you have to do is set the temperature range!

Besides rapid curing, the use of localized heating during wind blade fabrication can provide additional benefits. For example, epoxy resin and hardener are more difficult to measure and mix when cooled; A heating device helps to provide the best possible control. The right heating solution also prevents air bubbles and ensures the strength and effectiveness of the epoxy. Finally, blankets prevent contamination by eliminating the use of kerosene or propane heaters; these methods can interfere with the curing process as well as contaminate the epoxy surfaces.

Blankets are available in any size needed with customization options; this means you can heal even the largest joint with ease. If you have any questions about curing blankets, feel free to ask! You can also view Powerblanket’s product offerings at .