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hazardous area; A place where flammable gases or vapors are likely to be present in the atmosphere under normal operating conditions. All electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas must have purpose-built protection that prevents this air and gas mixture from igniting by accidental contact with a spark or hot surface. This provides protection only under normal operating conditions; The same level of safety cannot be guaranteed in an emergency (such as an explosion or explosion). In the vast majority of cases, an explosion or fire occurs as a result of a combination of three key components known as the “risk triangle”. Each of the components is necessary to ignite an explosive.

  • FUEL: can be present as gas, vapor or dust.
  • OXYGEN: available in most cases, air contains 21% oxygen.
  • IGNITION SOURCE: sparks or hot surfaces are potential causes of ignition. If the concentration of dust, gas or vapor in the air is between the upper and lower limits of ignition and the ignition source has sufficient energy or temperature, a fire or explosion may occur.
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Atex Products


Max.65C Exposure Temperature, Max.65C Operating Temperature, Atex Certified, Explosive Environment Heat Trace Cable

Atex Certified, Explosive Environment Heat Trace Cable with Max.85C Exposure Temperature, Max.65C Operating Temperature

Atex Certified, Explosive Environment Heat Trace Cable with Max.210C Exposure Temperature, Max.120C Operating Temperature

Atex Certified, Explosive Environment Heat Trace Cable with Max.250C Exposure Temperature, Max.120C Operating Temperature

  • High temperature cable for power plants, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • It is used in anti-frost and temperature protection/raising applications in ex-proof pipes.
  • 90 TTX-2-BOT ( 90Watt/m – Fluoropolymer Outer Sheath)
  • *All cables can be supplied without outer sheath and metal braid.

Atex Certified Heat Trace Assembly and Accessories Suitable for Explosive Environment

Ex-proof Thermostat Control Unit

Atex Termination Kit

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  • Bingöl AVM Terrace Snow and Ice Melting Project
  • Khorasan Government House roof heating application
  • Ağrı State Hospital Roof Eaves Snow and Ice Melting Project
  • Muş Intercity Bus Terminal roof gutter Snow – Ice Melting and rain water treatment project
  • Erzurum Bridged Junction under-asphalt floor heating project
  • Highways 12. Regional Directorate Guesthouse roof Snow-Ice melting and water discharge project
  • Ardahan University Faculty of Engineering, Stair Snow-Ice Prevention Project
  • Erzurum Veterinary Control Institute Directorate Roof Snow and Ice Melting System and Rainwater liquidation project
  • Pütürge Government House, roof gutter and downpipes heating project
  • Ardahan University Lake Vocational School Snow and Ice System
  • Erzurum Governor’s Mansion roof fringe tip Snow and Ice Melting System
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