Field Underfloor Heating

Field Underfloor Heating

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Thanks to the developing technology , many different methods are used for heating. The ease of the methods used and the energy savings provide satisfaction. Especially in regions where winter conditions are difficult, matches cannot be played on the fields where matches are played. However, thanks to the methods of providing heat from the ground, icing and freezing on the surface are prevented and the competitions are held in a healthier environment.

What is Underfloor Heating System in the Field?

It is a system that provides heat distribution on the surface and prevents frost, thanks to the systems placed on the floor in the field where matches are played under the harsh conditions of the winter season. This system is activated according to the air temperature. Underfloor heating, which is activated with snowfall, includes a heat control system. It starts to work when snowfall starts and this system turns itself off when melting occurs on the grassy surface.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating System in the Field

  1. It does not damage the grass surface, which is the application area, like salt and other chemicals poured for snow melting.
  2. The system is activated automatically. No labor costs are required to activate this process.
  3. There is no need for machines for snow plows.
  4. The system does not require periodic maintenance.

How is Underfloor Heating System Installed in the Field?

Heating cables are laid under the coating on the field surface. After laying, heating cables that automatically adjust the temperature and humidity control level are placed. The laid system must be controlled with sensors and thermostats. The risk situation that may occur for humidity and temperature should be checked. The system works in a constantly controlled manner. As soon as the temperature drops, it activates itself without the need for any external intervention. The cost is reduced as the system disables itself when there is no risk of icing thanks to the installed cable system. Thus, energy savings are provided in use.

It is extremely important that the company that will install the field underfloor heating systems is experienced and knowledgeable. The warranty period given to the cable heating system is also of great importance. In addition to its ease of use, its energy saving increases the possibility of choice. Big city and professional teams prefer this method for their fields.

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