Floor Heating Flooring Details

Underfloor heating flooring systems are an application that has been carried to the present day from centuries ago and has been determined as the most accurate heating method. In floor heating systems, heat spreads faster and is more efficient. This is a scientifically proven fact. In this context, flooring for underfloor heating is one of the preferred heating methods today. It is always a great advantage to work with skilled hands during the installation of underfloor heating systems . Because, in case of a possible malfunction or faulty flooring, the plumbing installation, which must be done from scratch, requires a difficult floor dismantling process, which is the nightmare of many housewives.

Underfloor Heating Flooring Systems for Comfort and Health

With the developing technology, innovations in underfloor heating systems are increasing day by day. With the latest point reached in underfloor heating systems, which were discovered ages ago and have changed many shapes until today, comfort and convenience are provided in homes and workplaces. While underfloor heating systems consisting of mattresses and radians placed on the screed floor distribute the heat equally in every corner of the house, sometimes the location of the house and the facade of the area where the flooring is made differ in the level of heating. For this reason, the heating system is controlled with digital thermostats in order to adjust the heat.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating Flooring

As underfloor heating systems minimize air flow, it is a system that also prevents dusting. Floor heating systems that eliminate dusting also eliminate the chance of mite insects and other microbes that occur on carpets. The underfloor heating system, which also prevents the formation of humidity in the environment, prevents the environment that triggers many diseases such as asthma. Considering that most of the diseases are caused by cold feet, floor heating has an important place for human health.

It is not possible for underfloor heating systems to be damaged unless it receives a severe blow, except for natural disasters. Floor heating systems , which are laid in the hands of masters in accordance with the conditions, do not require any expense as they are hereditary. Underfloor heating systems, which have an important place in the protection of buildings, eliminate the humidity of the building thanks to the walls and floor that heat up over time.

Underfloor heating systems are easy to control, and you can program your underfloor heating system hourly, weekly or monthly according to your usage habits with digital floor heating thermostats. The system works perfectly at the values you set automatically. You can determine the room temperature and operating intervals via the thermostat. For instance; You can have the bathroom warm up before you wake up and turn off the system before you go to work. In this way, you will spend less energy by exhibiting an economical use.

Underfloor heating flooring is economical. It is necessary to evaluate the economy part in 3 categories compared to classical heating systems.

    1. First of all, the installation cost of the system varies between 30-40 Euros per m2. Although we recommend that the application be done by you or an authorized electrician, it may be requested that the application be made by our company, especially in large areas and projects with different technical specifications, and this will increase the installation cost. At this point, we have started to provide Supervision services for about 5 years. You can evaluate our supervisor support as a suitable option between material price and turnkey prices. It is a great advantage that a technical employee is on hand to guide you while installing your heating system and to install the system with perfect care.
    2. In addition to the installation prices, your underfloor heating system has no moving parts and therefore does not require maintenance. Heating cables under concrete or floor mortar are designed to work without any problems for a lifetime and not to lose anything from their properties. For this reason, it continues to work without requiring maintenance until the floor on which it is laid changes.
    3. Finally, it is necessary to mention consumption values. Unfortunately, the unit price of electricity in our country is quite high. Therefore, it exhibits a close consumption with natural gas. At this point, the important issue is that you can set your electric floor heating system 2-3 degrees lower than natural gas. This is because the heat rises from the floor and the temperature it feels is higher than the temperature at which it is set. In addition, situations such as your insulation values, the location of your home, and your usage habits are consumption variables that will give you an advantage over natural gas. One last detail; If you will use your underfloor heating system as the main heating source, you can accept the values we have given above, but if your living rooms or wet floors are to be heated to support your existing heating system for comfort, minimum consumption and maximum comfort are provided since the m2/watt power used is low.

Underfloor heating flooring system is easier to install than water floor heating system and works effectively even at low temperatures. All floor heating products you will buy from our site are sent with digital touch screen thermostats, floor sensors, mounting apparatus, installation manuals and warranty certificate. However, all heater cables and heating mats are shipped with cold end connections as fabricated. In this way, it is sufficient to lay the cables or mattresses on the floor and make the thermostat connections. At the point where you get stuck, our technical support phones work 24 hours a day.

Underfloor heating flooring is long-lasting and guaranteed. Your purchased system is under SafeMax guarantee for 15 years indoors and 10 years outdoors. SafeMax is the warranty brand of Isitimx Heating Systems.

Install Underfloor Heating Safely

You can safely install an underfloor heating system in your home or workplace. The system is easy to install, long-lasting, healthy and comfortable as well as economical. You can install your underfloor heating system, which will add value to your living spaces for many years, with ISITMAX.

You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about the systems that can be installed on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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