Floor Heating M2 Prices

Floor Heating M2 Prices

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Underfloor heating systems are extremely economical and healthy systems that are being used more and more in homes and places every day. The widespread use of underfloor heating raises awareness among individuals about such heating systems. When the labor and materials used in underfloor heating systems, which can be applied to almost all spaces and provide comfortable heating, are taken into account, a much more affordable cost occurs compared to other heating systems. Underfloor heating systems provide high energy savings, and the system works automatically for a long time without requiring maintenance. You can have very affordable prices for underfloor heating systems with the assurance of Heatingx .

Factors Affecting Underfloor Heating Prices

There are many factors that affect the m2 prices of underfloor heating. Although electric underfloor heating is produced with high technology compared to alternative systems, its working principle is quite simple. This situation; Ease of use is reflected to the consumer as a long life without the hassle of maintenance. It determines the materials to be used in the system, where the system will be used and what type of heating is needed. Who will install your heating system is another factor that affects the price.

  1. Material selection
  2. Application options

Price Changes According to the Material Used in Underfloor Heating

Among the materials used in the underfloor heating system, the underfloor heating cable, the heating mats used to provide ease of installation of the heating cables, the carbon films produced with a thickness of 1 mm suitable for use under the parquet, and the thermostats that you will use to control your system are the factors that change the price. If we look at the prices of these materials one by one;

underfloor heating cable

The underfloor heating cable is the cornerstone of your heating system. They are produced in series resistant and self-regulating types. Almost all of the underfloor heating cables used in homes and workplaces in our country are resistance cables called series resistance. They produce a certain power at certain lengths. For example, if you use 100 meters of a cable that produces 15 Watts per meter, you will have a 1500 Watt heater. Let’s say you have a bathroom of 10 m2 and you want to have underfloor heating. For a comfortable floor in the application of under-concrete floor heating in bathrooms, the application of energy between 150-200 Watts per m2 is sufficient and ideal. At this point, the material with 100 meters of cable / 1500 Watt power will provide the initial value of 150 Watts/M2 per m2. By playing with the length of the cables and the distances between the cables, you can reach the power values you want, as well as order the heating cables that have been prepared and finished as fabrication on our site. To give an average price, you can have your heater cables by paying 35 EURO per m2 on cable basis.

underfloor heating mattress

Underfloor heating mats are heaters prepared in order to provide the desired m2/power target in a certain form of the heater cables and to facilitate the assembly phase. As in the bathroom example we gave above, in order to remove areas such as shower cabin and sink that are not considered to be heated in your 10 m2 bathroom, it is necessary to move away from the wall edges by 10-20 cm. In this way, although our area is 10 m2, the area to be heated can be 7-8 m2. At this point, a 2 m x 4 m heating mattress can be ordered. Heating mattresses are produced in 50 cm or 100 cm widths and are stocked up to 11 meters in length. A suitable size mattress should be chosen according to the architectural form in your bathroom and your measurements. The heating cables are separated from the mattress without being cut and can be easily laid on the floor with the mounting elements. In this way, you can lay the mattress in an area where your mattress is short or where the mattress is difficult on rounded floors, by cutting the mattress and separating the cable from the mattress. The important point here is that the system is flexible enough to compensate, even if the measurements you get are inaccurate, regardless of cable or mattress. You can order heating mattresses from our website at a price of 35 EURO/m2 per m2. All mattresses are sent to your address with fabricated cold end technology in selected strength and size. All the materials and documentation you need come right out of the box.

underfloor heating carbon film

Underfloor heating carbon film technology is used in heating applications under parquet. Carbon films have been developed because laminate flooring does not like high temperatures and the point temperature given by the heating cables can damage the parquet surface in the long run. Carbon heater films are a technology consisting of insulating a metal-carbon mixture material between two copper conductors. It is placed under your parquet with a thickness of 1 mm. It performs very ideal and comfortable heating with 240 Watt energy per square meter. All heating films are imported from South Korea. As ISITMAX , we would like to emphasize that we use the products of companies that produce at the highest standards. We see that there are products of different quality and price in the market. As ISITMAX , we have been importing the right product for our consumers’ under parquet applications with the experience of being in the heating sector since 1992. The prices of carbon heaters are 25 EURO / m2 as material.


You must use a thermostat to control your underfloor heating system. Thermostats are control products that turn the system on and off in line with the information coming from the temperature sensors and according to the user’s set values. They are offered in the market at different prices with a wide range of colours, features and design features. A thermostat suitable for the aesthetics of your living spaces, with a digital display, touch screen, wide control options, 16 Amp power, with features that can be integrated into smart building automations is around 80 – 100 EURO. Thermostats, which offer remote connection options with Wi-Fi access, are currently very popular abroad. However, we find it useful to wait a little longer for sales, stock and warranty in our country at 400 – 600 EURO prices. The other thing that should be specified in the use of thermostats and that changes the prices is the number of thermostats you will use. If you want to be able to control your independent rooms differently, you need to buy as many thermostats as the number of rooms. For example, in a duplex apartment, you can use 2 different thermostats to control your downstairs and upstairs heaters. Similarly, you want your bathroom to warm up and turn off at 9 o’clock before you wake up, but in the meantime, you want your living room heater to continue to operate at a constant 22 C floor temperature. In your guest room, you want to run the system only when needed. In this system, you can use 3 thermostats with the same feature and price, or you can get thermostat options with different prices and features.

Underfloor Heating System Application Options

Who will do the labor in the underfloor heating system is a factor that directly affects the prices. We talked about the simplicity of the system in the installation stages and the fact that the ordered products are ready for assembly as fabrication. For this reason, when installing your underfloor heating system, you can do the work yourself, get help from an electrician, or ask ISITMAX to manage the entire process.

do it yourself

The ordered products are prepared according to the order in the appropriate size and power, and sent with all needed thermostats, sensors, connection equipment, installation and warranty documentation. Installation manuals explain all assembly steps clearly. The only part of the system that can cause a malfunction for the healthy operation is the junction point of the heater cables and the supply cables. As ISITMAX , we do the necessary work in this area with the fabricated cold end technique and we send it to you after passing the necessary tests. You can also get free technical support during working hours from our technical support line at 0850 888 8110.

Floor Heating M2 Prices

Wired Underfloor Heating Bathroom, Kitchen, Stairs 40 € 1m²
Underfloor Heating with Mattress Rooms and Cornered Areas 45 € 1m²
Carbon Film Underfloor Heating Under Parquet Usage 30 € 1m²
Digital Thermostat Programmable with Touch Screen 70 € 1m²

Have an electrician do it

It is very advantageous for a local electrician to support you in connecting the system to electricity and testing the system with the necessary sensor and thermostat connections after laying our products that are sent ready for assembly on the ground.

ROOM TYPE Heated Area (m²) Hours Worked Per Day (İSTANBUL) Hours Worked Per Day (ANKARA) Hours Worked per Day (ERZURUM)

Approximate Monthly Consumption

(Istanbul – Ankara – Izmir)

Bath 4 5 7 9 18TL – 25.2TL – 32.4TL
Kitchen 10 4 6 8 36TL – 54TL – 72TL
Living room 12 5 7 9 54TL – 75.6 – 97.2TL
Winter garden 10 5 7 9 45TL – 63TL – 81TL
Bedroom 6 3 5 7 16.2TL – 27TL – 37.8TL
All heaters are calculated at 100Watt/m² power. Istanbul, Ankara and Erzurum provinces were accepted as references. Kw unit price is taken into account as 30 kuruş. Housing insulation values are considered to be of medium quality. Values may vary as + and -.

Let the Application Warm Up

ISITMAX HEATING SYSTEMS ; It works with authorized services in many provinces such as Kayseri, Konya, Erzurum, Istanbul and Balikesir. You can request the installation to be done by authorized services. Please note that in turnkey projects, an average of 30% will be added to the material price, depending on the size of the project.

In summary,

Underfloor heating m2 prices for homes and businesses;

  • If it is to be purchased only as material, there is a heater cost between 25-35 EURO.
  • Thermostat cost is between 20 – 150 EURO per piece, depending on its features.
  • If the application is to be done by you, the price does not change, but in case of getting the help of an electrician or if the application is made by ISITMAX on a turnkey basis, an additional cost will be incurred on the material prices on average of 30% according to the project.

For detailed information, you can call our phone number 0850 888 8110 . You can use the address info@www.isitmax.com to get offers for your projects. If you wish, you can test our products at Perpa Trade Center 10. You can visit our address, Floor A Blok No: 1458 Okmeydanı Istanbul.


You can check our Electric Underfloor Heating Systems to get information about the systems that can be installed on underfloor heating and to find out the prices of these systems.

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