For Which Types of Floors Is Underfloor Heating Suitable?

For Which Types of Floors Is Underfloor Heating Suitable?

26 July 2019 by

Underfloor heating systems, which started to be used after the 80s in our country, are used in open, semi-open or closed areas of thousands of square meters today. The basis of underfloor heating systems is based on the logic of heating the floor of the space to be heated by means of materials passed under it.

In underfloor heating systems, the heat spreads under the floor and heats the spaces to be heated homogeneously. There is no temperature difference between rooms in the same house. In addition, problems such as the accumulation of heat on the ceiling, which occur in conventional heating systems, are not seen in these systems.

Underfloor heating systems are highly preferred in that they can be applied to all kinds of spaces and all kinds of flooring types.

Which Floor Types Are Suitable for Underfloor Heating?

There is no restriction in terms of the floor to be applied in underfloor heating systems. It can be applied to dry wooden floors such as parquet or wood flooring, as well as to wet surfaces such as ceramics or tiles, as well as to natural stones and even marbles.

The most important part in underfloor heating systems is that it is necessary to know which floor covering is in the place where it will be applied while the system is being projected. During the preparation of the projects, the laying frequency is determined by factors such as the size of the pipes and the depth of the ground, according to the flooring material on the ground to be applied.

Although the cost of underfloor heating systems may seem high when they are first made, they pay for themselves in a short time in terms of energy savings. They are preferred systems in terms of being economical, providing comfort in the use of spaces and homogeneity in heating.

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