Freeze Protection System Materials for Roofs and Gutters

Roofs are classified according to the loads of insulation, skeleton and coating materials. The effect of wind, rain and snow on the roof varies according to the facade of the house and the slope of the roof.

How Much is Roof and Gutter Heating Electricity Consumption?

Electricity usage in roof heating and snow/ice melting systems varies according to the climatic conditions in the region. As you go from west to east in Turkey, the altitude increases and the climatic conditions get harsher. However, the average recommended energy is 300W per square meter. In higher regions, this value rises to 350W per square meter. From a financial point of view, this may seem like an extra cost to you. But when snow builds up on your roof or long stalactites form in your gutters, it’s up to you to clean up that snow load or stalactites. In this case, you have to go up to the roof, and that means risking your life. Or you can wait for the stalactites to melt on their own. In this case, since the stalactites do not melt immediately, they may break and fall by themselves, and you will even endanger the lives of people passing by your house. Especially in the eastern Anatolia Region, winter season is experienced for approximately 9 months of a year. There is no need to endanger your life and the lives of those around you. Moreover, you do not need to press an extra button for these heating systems. This system, thanks to its regulated power supply technology, adjusts the heating degree itself according to the air temperature and prevents the danger before it becomes icy. When the weather is cold and there is no icing, the system does not work, saving you energy and protecting your pocket and life.

How Much Are Heating Cable Prices?

Heating cables come in many varieties and are priced by wattage. As a standard, a 15W heating cable starts from 20 TL per meter. According to the quality and material of the cable, the price of a 50W heating cable starts from 18.5 TL. If we make a short calculation, you need to lay a total of 7 meters of heating cable in your gutters for your two-story house, which means that you can protect your gutters from icing and stalactite formation for an average of 25 TL to 175 TL per meter.

How Much Are Underfloor Heating Systems M2 Prices?

Heating pipe for underfloor heating , insulation material for floor and edge insulation material comes to 40 TL per meter in total. The collector of the flat, which has an average of 95-110 m2 for each floor, is 1250 TL.

You can check our Residential Roof and Gutter Heating Systems to get information about the heating systems in roofs and gutters and to find out the prices of these systems.

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