Ground Heating System for Greenhouses

Ground Heating System for Greenhouses

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As in all areas, the developing technology brings both cheap and beautiful systems in the heating field. Electric underfloor heating system is a new system used in greenhouses. The fact that the cost is cheap compared to other systems, efficient and comfortable to use are the main reasons why this system is preferred. With this newly established system, the old methods are lost to history and the best yield is achieved in the development process of plants.

What Will Be My Corporate Cost?

yes, when you think of electricity, it’s impossible to have a cheap system. However, in the system we have developed, we do not charge you large sums for installation. Electric heating systems for greenhouses can be installed at very low costs, contrary to popular belief. Of course, if you think the electricity bill is going to swell, you might be happy now. Because even though this system is electric, you will save fuel. The answer to the question of what is the cheapest heating system is definitely underfloor heating systems. These extremely low cost systems provide maximum energy savings.

Is Ground Electric Heating Required in Greenhouses?

This method, which was also introduced as home heating systems at first, began to take its place in greenhouses. Although it is electric, it has become widespread and very preferred thanks to its high safety and high efficiency. It is extremely important to adjust the temperature of the products in the greenhouse. This system allows your products to grow at the desired temperature. In this way, you save energy while increasing the efficiency of the products.

How to Install An Electric Heating System in the Greenhouse?

There is also convenience in the system we have developed!

Thanks to our special design, which is placed like a mesh carpet, the installation is completed in minutes. The heating system can be adjusted to the desired lengths and dimensions. After properly placed at the base of your greenhouse and electrical connection is made, the installation is completed. This does not require an extra connection to you in the region applied when these operations take place. It is only left to gladly use this system that gives you confidence.

What is the Cost of Maintenance?

Since there is no moving part in this system, the maintenance cost is also quite low. Since there are no moving parts, the maintenance time varies from 10 to 15 years. Just contact us to meet our ground electric heating systems, which give you an advantage in all matters.

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