Hamam Heating Systems

Elektrikli Hamam Isıtma Sistemleri

Electric floor heating is one of the most effective heating systems for baths that need high heat power. Heating cables placed under the marble are controlled by digital multi-functional thermostats. The heating cables, which are designed for at least 20 years of trouble-free operation under the marble, in an airless and still environment, guarantee that you will have an uninterrupted and easily controlled, comfortable heating system.

Electric Bath Heating Usage Areas;
  • Villa Baths / Transforming Rooms into Baths Projects
  • Commercial Spa / Turkish Bath Facilities
  • Shipping Industry Captain / Guest Baths
  • Turkish Bath Projects Abroad

Electric Bath Heating System ; It consists of TMaxPro / T2MaxPro underfloor heating cables, which are fabricated on strong industrial tapes at certain intervals in order to facilitate assembly. Industry Leader, with its strong and flexible structure, has been developed for effective heating under marble. The Heating Mat is easily laid on the floor as it comes out of the box. Wall mounting is done with sheathing dowels. There is no need for floor mounting. It is cut and placed on the floor in accordance with the installation booklet. With the help of strong mounting tapes included in the package, the mattresses can be fixed to the ground so that they do not slip before screed.

Bath Heating Sections;
Temperature Control

In hammam heating systems, heating cables and mattresses are designed to correspond to 240Watt heat power in 1m2 area. The total heating area will give the maximum Watt power to be used. Ampere (A) is calculated over the total watt power ( ampere = watt / volt (230V Ac or 380V Ac). The system is automatically controlled with HT series digital surface-mounted thermostat and floor sensor up to 16A power.

If the system is over 16A or more than 10 m2 heating area;

1.Control Board It is controlled by HTC series control board. It can also be used in combination with the Control Panel and the Digital Thermostat.

  • HTC Series Control Board alone is enough to control your system. There is a digital rail type thermostat inside the control panel. It is sufficient for our customers who want to turn the system on and off from the dashboard.
  • On the HTC2, the thermostat inside the control panel is removed and the thermostat unit is included in the system as surface-mounted. In this way, the system offers easier control with a more elegant control unit. If you prefer HTCW thermostat, you can remotely control your heating system with the Wifi / Phone Application feature.

2. You can energize the heaters with two or more digital thermostats (if your current electrical installation allows). In this case, there is no need to use a control panel. In addition, if a double thermostat is used, it is possible to control separately if there is a navel stone. (A separate line must be drawn from your panel to each thermostat)

Hamam Heating Features
  • Industry-leading mechanical strength and high watt power with TMaxPro series heating cables producing high output power
  • The most effective and trouble-free heating solution in narrow and small spaces with its flexible heating cable structure.
  • Fast heating comfort with heat insulation
  • Controlling and remote operation of heaters via phone app
  • Flexible Installation: Heating mats can be rotated by cutting (floor, core stone, sitting area, back section), cable can be changed by removing the mattress (vents, drains, channels),
  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety
  • It is suitable for marble and under ceramic applications.
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    Catalogue, Brochure and Warranty

    Related page of our catalog: HomeMax 200Watt / m2 Underfloor Heating Mattress

    Product Brochure: Winter Garden / Indoor Terrace Underfloor Heating

    Warranty Period: 10 years. To review our Warranty Conditions: SafeMax Warranty

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    Promax Application Service

    It is a ready-to-install product. If you want to get application service, you can contact our dealers in your province from our Promax page or you can choose assembly when ordering. For project-based works, you can connect to our info@isitmax.com address or live support from the bottom right of our site.

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    Our Blog Posts About Bath Heating Systems
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    More About Hamam Heating

    In addition to the luxury provided by Turkish bath heating systems to your bath and bath areas; Thanks to its indescribable comfort, easy controllability, contribution to lowering the installation and operating costs of the Turkish bath and its unique long life, it has become one of the heating systems frequently used by luxury hotels as well as Turkish bath establishments in recent years. We have prepared this page in order to create a resource where you can find what you want to learn about hammam heating. Subheadings will be as follows:

    • What is Hamam Heating?
    • About Turkish Bath Heating Systems
    • Features of Electric Bath Heating Systems
    • How is the Bath Heater System Laying Made?
    • Hamam Heating Prices
    • Questions Asked About Hamam Heating
    • Establishing a Heating System with Heating

    What is bath heating?

    Baths, one of the symbols of our culture, have always been a place of cleaning, socialization and cultural environment. The Turkish baths, which are indispensable for Turkish people, are one of the most frequented places with the relaxation and hygiene environment they provide to people. Turkish bath is widely available in hotels in the world and represents our culture. Baths; Marble coating is a complex cultural element from navel stone to faucets and bath bowls. Heating of the baths is also done by different methods.

    Bath heating; The core stone in the baths is a heating system that works through cables laid under the marble coverings of the walls and seats. Due to its economy and ease of use, hammam heating systems are one of the most frequently used methods.


    Hamam Heating Systems

    About bath heating systems

    Bath culture belongs to very ancient times. Baths, which are generally found in Roman and Ottoman ruins, have been a symbol of cleanliness and entertainment. The bath, which had a settled culture in the society during the Ottoman period, is an important element in the tradition of the bridal bath. In the Ottoman Empire, a hammam was built next to each mosque. The baths, which were opened very early hours, would continue to serve until sunset.

    Today, the bath culture, which is frequently used, has begun to be used for touristic and health purposes, with the presence of luxury bathrooms in every house. Steam and hot water methods were generally used to heat the old baths. With the advancement of technology, electric bath heating systems, which have been abandoned due to the difficulty and troublesome use of the engine room in the system, have become quite widespread.

    Hamam Heating System Features

    Features of electric bath heating systems

    Electric bath heating systems are frequently preferred due to their ease of use and maintenance-free. The system, which can be started immediately after installation, distributes the heat equally to every corner of the bath environment. In addition, the core stone and seat can be adjusted to different temperatures with a qualified thermostat and control panel. The system in question is operated by adding thermostats and sensors after the cables are laid, and it can be disabled periodically after reaching the required temperature. Since it is electric, it does not need to wait for a certain time like other heating methods, and it can be used with intermittent use method.


    Hamam Heating Systems

    How to lay a bath heating system

    The heating system is laid by laying thin electrical cables in the form of a net, which are laid under the marble floors of the navel stone, sitting places and back-resting walls, which are the usage areas of the bath. After the laying process, the thermostat and sensors are added to the system and the installation is completed. Depending on the bath heating project, the cable network density can be increased or decreased according to the heating intensities of the flooring floors.

    With advanced technology, seat, wall and core stone temperatures can be adjusted to different degrees Celsius. Generally, the temperature of the navel stone, where massage and scrub applications are located, is preferred, while the sitting and wall temperatures can be adjusted lower.

    Hamam Heating Systems

    Hamam heating prices

    The systems in question become more economical with the development of the production technologies of the materials used. Although the prices of companies using imported products have skyrocketed with the rise in exchange rates, ISITMAX offers more economical solutions due to its domestic production, and realizes hammam heating and sauna heating systems more economically and cheaply when compared to its successors.

    The fact that it does not require maintenance is very convenient when the cost of use is compared to the alternatives, and it is observed that it amortizes the installation cost in the medium and long term. The costs of manufacturing the baths of the heating systems in question may vary depending on various factors.

    Hamam Heating Systems

    What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Installation of the Bath Heating System?

    Costs in the installation of hammam underfloor heating systems can vary according to various elements and qualities;

    • Who will apply the bath heater system to the bath floor (you, electrician, contracting company)

    • The width of the bath where the system will be applied

    • The geographical region and seasonal conditions where the bath will be applied (in terms of the costs of the implementing company)

    Pricing may vary depending on the number of thermostats integrated into the system in question and the technical feature of the thermostat (thermostats that provide remote connection via wi-fi increase the price or additional cost is required when a separate thermostat is required for the seat, wall and core stone to be controlled independently). Considering all these factors, the necessary cost budget for heating the hammam or sauna is determined.

    How much are the m2 prices of hammam heating?

    Considering that the materials required for the implementation of the system will be of high quality and have certain quality standards, a figure of 50 EURO per square meter is obtained. However, although the figure in question is an example, it may differ according to the project.


    Hamam Heating Systems

    Questions about bath heating

    Which areas are heated in the baths?

    In bath applications, due to its own culture and ease of use, the navel stone, wall and sitting marble floors, which are generally contacted during washing, are heated. Technically, heating cables can be applied in every area of the bath. The most preferred form of application; 1 meter high heater laying in the back area, the whole sitting area, the floor of the bath and the core stone.

    The navel stone is usually controlled separately with a second thermostat and adjusted to higher temperatures than other areas. The heating application made under the floor in the mentioned areas is an effortless, fast and economical ideal solution for reaching the desired bath temperatures in a short time and for a unique comfort experience.

    Do bath heating systems reduce heating costs?

    Regardless of the size of the bath units in commercial buildings, they are especially preferred because they work smoothly and do not require maintenance. However, the fact that the energy used is electricity can create question marks about the system in terms of consumption. Electric bath heating systems are flexible heating systems. You can shorten the time required for the bath to reach the desired temperatures, or you can use it economically in a longer time. You can ensure that the energy is ready for use in 2 hours as soon as it is supplied, or that the system maintains the same temperature by staying on throughout the season without ever shutting down.

    With smart thermostats, you can program the system according to the usage intensity and working hours of the business and make it work automatically according to your usage habits. All these flexible working conditions not only bring unmatched ease of use to electric bath heating systems, but also reduce heating costs. Programming the system for economical use and using the energy correctly brings advantageous consumption values in operating costs compared to alternative heating systems.

    Due to the fact that the bath heating systems do not require constant maintenance and the baths with large areas require alternative heating methods and excessive use of fuel, their costs are very low compared to other methods. It both reduces the heating cost and amortizes its own cost with the economy it provides compared to the alternatives, by making the insulation during the application of the laid system and starting to use it.

    Does the bath heating system require maintenance?

    Electric bath heater systems offer lifetimes equivalent to the life of the building/floor on which they are applied. As long as the installed floor is not changed, the heating cables used in the bath underfloor heating system and remaining under the floor do not deteriorate, deform, wear out, do not lose their functions, and continue to work perfectly. Trouble-free operation is of great importance, especially in commercial buildings that require intensive use and heavy conditions, thanks to the cables used for electric bath heating. To open the issue of not requiring maintenance; The heating cables placed in the designated areas in the bath work without air under the materials such as leveling mortar / marble mortar / concrete etc. under the floor.

    The outer coating of the cables is insulated 4-5 times with special engineering polymers in order to show full resistance to water, humidity and external conditions. In addition to our tens of Turkish bath references that have been operating for 20 years, the cable and wire life is more than 100 years in technical terms. On the other hand, each zone is laid at once, without any additional heaters. No attachments or connections are made under the flooring. Since it has no moving parts, the risk of deterioration is very low. The system will continue to work smoothly when applied correctly, due to both the high production standards of the cables and the fact that they are tested and controlled in all processes until they are put into use.

    The units that may require maintenance or replacement in the system are the thermostats that control the heating cables and the sensors that the thermostats need to measure the temperature. Thermostats have a certain working life. It may malfunction depending on use, but the solution is either simple or product replacement is easy. Sensors are sensors placed next to floor heaters. It passes through a material called the throat tube under the concrete and exchanges data between the thermostat and the heating cables. The sensor cable can fail and it is very easy to replace, but they are inexpensive products.

    In large-sized baths, it may not be possible to feed the heating system from the thermostat (16Amp), and in this case, a control panel is used to control the system. The switchgear materials in this panel may deteriorate over time and the problem is solved by replacing the part that has lost its function by electricians. These breakdowns are very rare problems and are maintenance that businesses do not need to undergo renovations.

    Two problems that can be done during the application and are not visible in the measurements are the overlap of the heating cables during assembly (there should be at least 5 cm between the cables) and sharp objects (putting the marbles on the cables vertically) or heavy objects (the mortar-laden wheelbarrows over the cables) on the cables during the assembly phase. is to damage the outer sheath by putting Even if these situations do not appear as a problem in the beginning, they may lead to deterioration in the future. In such a problem, precisely where the cable broke is determined with precision meters, and breaking and modification works are carried out in the relevant area. Although we have not encountered such a problem so far, it is possible. Installation is of great importance in this respect.

    Does a possible hammam floor heating failure cause the entire hammam to not be able to be operated?

    A Hammam heater system applied by professional teams usually does not fail, but in case of a possible malfunction, a malfunction is detected with technological machines and the problem is resolved as soon as possible. Heating cables or pre-made heating mattresses in bath heating systems; It is laid separately from each other in areas such as back, sitting, floor or core stone. Any malfunction in the cable will only cause a malfunction in its own region. The system will continue to operate and only the area to be intervened will remain cold. Our bath heating system is designed to provide uninterrupted service, considering the needs of businesses.

    Do electric bath heating systems cause an explosion or electric shock?

    Bath heater systems are connected to possible grounding and electrical fuse systems, and protection systems are activated in case of leakage or malfunction. Explosions and fatal accidents in steam systems do not occur due to the electrical nature of the system and the use of quality materials.

    Can bath heating systems be applied to historical baths?

    The heating process in historical baths can be evaluated within the scope of the renovation project by adhering to the technical specifications. Heating cables must remain under the flooring mortar. In this direction, it can be easily used in projects where flooring can be changed without interfering with the architectural structure.

    How long is the life of the bath heating system?

    The life of the bath underfloor heating system is the same as the bath building to be furnished, provided that experienced personnel and quality materials are used. During the installation of the system, necessary maintenance is carried out and the service life is targeted as 100 years. Provided that it is used in accordance with its purpose, it is possible to use the determined life completely in a healthy way. Hammam practices are generally for a lifetime.

    Does the bath heating system rot due to humidity and steam?

    The said heating systems are applied by performing the necessary insulation and protection measures during laying. The coating of the cables used for laying is produced to be resistant to moisture, water and impact. Since the heating system does not contain metal and has protective coatings, water, moisture, etc. It is not possible for reasons to rot.

    Can the hammam floor heating system be built during construction?

    Bath heater systems can be easily put into practice after the rough construction of the baths is completed. In addition, the systems made during construction have more options and mounting possibilities. Hamam heating projects can be realized together with hammam construction projects.

    Can the bath heating systems be programmed?

    Programming is now possible with advanced technology with the high quality systems applied to the baths. With the digital thermostats to be integrated into the hammam heating project, the system can be activated before the hammam opening time and can be switched off by itself when it is closed. In this way, heating costs are reduced due to the fact that it does not work continuously, and positive decreases are observed in the operating costs of the hammam.

    Can bath heating systems be applied to homes?

    Some luxury homes may have their own mini-baths. There is no harm in using bath heater systems to increase the comfort of these mini baths. Bath heater systems can be applied to the bathrooms created with marble coating, thus providing ultra comfort in heating mini navel stone. The determining factor here is the user’s wishes and expectations.

    How many degrees can the floor and walls of the bath be heated with the bath heating system?

    The thermostat settings of the hammam heater system are programmed differently for the navel stone, sitting floor and walls. In order to avoid burns due to direct contact with the skin, the maximum temperature of the navel stone can be adjusted to 50°C-55°C, and the seating floor and walls can be adjusted to 40°C-45°C. . In heating designs, digital thermostats that can be applied separately to each floor are included.

    Could a possible thermostat failure cause burns?

    Hamam underfloor heating project is implemented by considering human health and life. The cable density applied to the floors and the maximum temperatures that will occur with continuous operation are observed during the installation phase. The created system heats up to a maximum of 55°C. Possible thermostat failure is not possible in systems with necessary maintenance, but even if it is assumed, it cannot cause accidents and burns since the heating capability of the system is maximum 55°C. Human life and health is the main element of the system installation.

    Establishing a hammam heating system with Isimx

    ISITMAX has been applying heating systems all over Turkey for years with its professional team and experience of more than 20 years, and realizes heating systems that will be used for many years with both product quality and knowledge and experience. ISITMAX since 1995; has become a pioneering organization that applies heating systems with its dynamic and hardworking staff. In addition, it is a frequently preferred company that has contributed to the bath culture with its professional staff that can fully fulfill the quantities that ensure the full performance of the heating systems, as well as appealing to every budget with the economical solutions it offers.

    Whether you are a hotel or a Turkish bath operator, wouldn’t you like to set up your hammam system with ISITMAX experience? You can contact us via the live support line at the bottom right of our site, send your architectural drawings to our technical team or call us on 0850 888 8110.

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