Heater Selection According to Flooring Type

Döşeme Türlerine Göre Yerden Isıtma

Choosing the right underfloor heating product for your floor covering can sometimes be confusing. With the help of the table below, you can decide on the most suitable heating system for the flooring type you have chosen. There are many types of flooring in the construction sector and different technical features of these materials. The right combination of products is important for the flooring not to be damaged and for your heating system to work effectively.

Döşeme Türü Seçim Tablosu

Yerden Isıtma Seçim Tablosu

  1. 1
    120Watt / m2 Homemax Underfloor Heating Mat

    ✔ Economical heating system for buildings with high insulation values

    ✔ Comfort floor heating in all buildings

  2. 2
    150W HomeMax Underfloor Heating Mat

    ✔ Heating system for new buildings with good insulation values

    ✔ Comfort floor heating in areas such as ground floor, basement or winter garden

  3. 3
    180Watt/m2 HomeMax Heating Mat

    ✔ Suitable for all floor coverings

    ✔ The most effective system for vinyl or carpet floors

    ✔ Upholstery can be changed without damaging the heater.

  4. 4
    200Watt HomeMax Heating Mat

    ✔ Heating system for areas with high heat losses such as winter gardens

    ✔ Fastest response time among all systems

  5. 5
    240Watt/m2 HomeMax Heating Mat or Cable

    ✔ Suitable system for laminate and wooden floors

    ✔ Homogeneous heat dissipation

    ✔ Leveling compound or use without screed

  6. 6
    FilmMax Carbon Heater

    ✔ System suitable for laminate, wood, carpet and vinyl

    ✔ Homogeneous heat dissipation

    ✔ 1mm thin

  7. 7
    T2Max HomeMax Heating Cable

    ✔ Ideal system for wicker reinforcement or 10cm screed

    ✔ Flexible mounting and power options by changing the cable spacing

    ✔ Suitable for new construction projects

    ✔ Energy efficiency in continuous use thanks to the thermal storage feature of concrete

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