Heating Area Calculation

Before ordering electric underfloor heating, you must determine the area you will heat. It is important to determine your heating area for 3 types of heaters: underfloor heating mat, underfloor heating cable and carbon heater film.

  1. Underfloor Heating Mattress: The mattresses, which are prepared with a width of 50 cm and 100 cm, provide ease of assembly, but in small and non-angular areas, you may need to intervene and arrange the mattress according to your heating area. You should determine how you will use the mattress in the bathroom as shown in Figure 1. Another important issue is; It is heating from a distance of 10 cm from the wall edges of the area to be heated. You can plan your heating system layout by leaving gaps at the edges as shown in Figure 2. You can draw your layout plan as in figure3 or if you have an existing project, you can send it to us. As Isimx, we work with stock, so we ship our products sold on the site the next day. In addition, we offer our custom size service for all our products free of charge. If you find it appropriate to wait 5 working days and you can give us a drawing as in figure3, we will prepare the products according to your measurements.
  2. Underfloor Heating Cable: Cable heating systems offer easier installation in small and non-cornered areas. You can prefer wired heating in bathrooms, kitchens, oval covered balconies, etc. Heating cables are cut in certain lengths and taken into stock ready for assembly. You can get help from figure4 to decide on the cable length you will need. You can increase or decrease the power in m2 by changing the distance between two heating cables. In our installation guides, min. and max. CC ranges are specified. An illustration on the use of CC intervals is shared in Figure 5.
  3. Carbon Heating Film: Carbon film heaters developed for heating under wooden parquet and laminate parquet are available in stock in 50, 80 and 100cm widths. An exemplary carbon film setup is drawn in Figure 6. As can be seen, there should be a gap on the wall edges and a gap between the two films. In addition, carbon heaters with cut-outs every 25cm may not fit your heating area exactly. Please take these warnings into consideration when ordering a carbon film heater.

Note: All heaters are shipped with a 3 meter cold end and floor sensor as standard. The cold end is the part of the heating cable that goes to the thermostat and does not heat up. The floor sensor is sent as mounted between the thermostat and the two heating cables to which the thermostat is closest. Figure 7 shows the floor sensor and the cold end. It is not recommended to use cold leads and sensors over 3 meters, but if the project needs to be longer, appropriate arrangements can be made. Contacting ISITMAX about this issue before ordering and informing you will ensure that your heaters are sent appropriately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have calculated your heating area (example: 4.5m2). Your cable spacing is 10cm.

Formula : Cable Length (m) = Heating area (m²) x1000 / Spacing (mm)

According to this formula, the cable length you need is 45 m (T2Max, the closest option is 52 m or 40 m). Fitting 7 meters of cable in a small space can be overwhelming. If you order 40 meters, you will be comfortable.

Electric Underfloor Heating Mat and Cable Layout Plan

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