Heating Methods That Can Be Used in Hotel Heating

Electric heating, which is among the floor heating methods, is one of the heating methods that can be used in many areas. This system, which can be used in workplaces, offices, stadiums, houses and many other areas, is also preferred for hotel heating.

Is Hotel Heating Necessary?

Heating is required in hotels, regardless of capacity, more or less. Underfloor heating is among the most comfortable heating methods in hotels. The electric floor heating system, which does not cause any visual problems and does not spoil the hotel decoration, ensures that the customers leave the hotel quite satisfied. Underfloor heating, which is the choice of quality hotels that care about customer satisfaction, is one of the most necessary heating systems in this sense.

How is Electric Floor Heating Made in Hotel Heating?

Suitable floor conditions must be provided for electric floor heating . The electric floor heating system, which can be applied under both stone floors and parquet floors, is applied in a very easy and practical way. As in bathrooms, corridors, kitchens and similar areas with stone floors, it is necessary to prefer the times when renovation or re-flooring is applied when installing a heating system under the parquet. When electric floor heating is applied, first heat insulation material is laid on the floor, and then an electric floor heating system is laid on it. On top of that, a wire cage is applied that fixes the system. After this process is completed, the heating system is covered with parquet or stone.

Benefits of Electric Floor Heating for Hotel Heating

The first thing we can count among the benefits of electric floor heating is that it provides an even distribution of heat. In addition, as it can be applied under all kinds of floors, underfloor heating can be used in all areas of the hotel. The use of electric underfloor heating in hotel heating also prevents visual pollution caused by honeycombs. The coldness of the floor, which is always felt on stone and similar floors, is also eliminated by the underfloor heating system. The electric floor heating system, which can also be used in hotel bathrooms and areas such as Turkish baths, also eliminates the wetness and dampness in these areas. Electric floor heating, which distributes the heat evenly, is extremely beneficial as it provides a much better quality and comfortable heating.

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