Heating Systems According to Barrel Types

Heating Systems According to Barrel Types

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Industrial oils in plastic and metal barrels must be kept at certain temperatures in order to be used. In order for industrial oils to be fluid during the production phase, they must be kept at the appropriate temperature in all weather conditions. In the facilities in the regions where the winters are harsh, you will witness that many barrels freeze from the cold, especially in cold weather.

All establishments in the cities have different heating methods suitable for them to store the products in the industrial parts. If these methods are used in the right direction, effective results will emerge.

What are Barrel Types?

Heating systems can be examined in 3 main parts according to barrel types . These can be named as belt type, jacket type and cabin type.

Belt Type Drums

To give an example at the most understandable level, since oil and chemicals reduce the viscosity situation, it simplifies the pump and discharge situation and provides economic convenience. Everyone can easily find standard sizes that they want, but they cannot be supplied immediately for different requests and must be expected.

Jacket Type Drums

They use less energy than belt type barrels. Jacket type barrels, which are the most suitable method for maintaining the temperature, are the more preferred barrel types. These barrel types are mostly designed in cases where the standard heater is not sufficient.

Cabin Type Drums

Cabin type drums are among the most preferred and preferred drums compared to other heaters. The natural mixture is obtained from the heater located at the bottom of the barrel. The fact that the product is completely sheltered maximizes safety while minimizing heat loss. In this way, risks are reduced and a more reliable environment is provided for people. In this case, the failure control monitoring status and maintenance of the barrel is solved more easily.

You can check our Barrel Heating Systems to get information about heating systems according to barrel types and to find out the prices of these systems.

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