Heating systems in Turkish bath and sauna facilities

Today’s bath facilities are much more modern and developed than in the past. Baths, which are among the indispensables of Turkish people, have a special importance for Turkish history. It is extremely important that the temperature is at the desired setting in the facilities that provide bath service. For this reason, by using hammam heating systems, it can be ensured that the baths are warm and spacious. Before bath heating systems became widespread, the heating of baths was done with boiler rooms. However, this system was very costly and difficult to use.

The electric bath heating systems that we offer as ISITMAX heater systems for bath heating have many advantages. The most important of these advantages is that the temperature can be adjusted easily. The temperature can be increased or decreased at any time. Thanks to the smart thermostats in the system, the environment inside the hammam and sauna facilities can be reached to the desired temperature instantly. In this way, baths and saunas can now be heated in a much more technological and modern way.

Where can hammam and sauna heating systems be used?

Bath heating systems can be used in Turkish baths, sauna facilities, interiors of massage parlors, sometimes in villa-type houses with large interior volumes or in a part of home bathrooms. In addition, electric bath heating systems can be used in bath and sauna facilities in large companies and large hotels. Another type of heating used for heating baths and saunas is hot water pipes. However, as ISITMAX heater systems , we recommend you to choose electric heating systems. The reason for this is that in electric heating systems, the necessary heat adjustment can be made easily by using a single thermostat, the temperature can be decreased or increased when desired, and an ideal temperature can be created within seconds. For this reason, if you are considering having electric bath heating systems, you should reach the company that will offer the best project. At this point, as ISITMAX heater systems , we are proud of being the biggest company in the sector and we invite you to work together.

By giving you all the necessary details about the bath heating systems, we tour your bath or sauna facilities and reveal the project you need as soon as possible. By working with you on this issue, we get the information of the parts you see missing or want to be corrected from you and we start to realize our project without wasting time. We decide together on the price according to the shape of the project and prepare the most efficient system for you. You can also contact our company for ISITMAX heater systems to heat your Turkish bath and sauna facilities; You can visit our website for our product, service and reference information. With ISITMAX heater systems , your hammam and sauna facilities will have a much more modern and comfortable structure.

To get information about the heating systems in the bath and sauna facilities and to find out the prices, you can check our Hotel Type Underfloor Bath Heating Systems .

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