High Temperature Cable

High temperature resistant temperature cables are materials produced with international quality standards. The cables, which adapt immediately to environments where high temperatures are required, continue to provide your safety in risky situations such as fire.

The high temperature cable, which can be used in the supply lines of industrial ovens, kitchens or electrical connections and heating elements, offers the opportunity to work comfortably in the long term at temperatures exceeding 300 degrees.

Heatingx High Temperature Cable

Single core fixed power heating cables have a copper nickel alloy protective sheath with mineral insulation. The product, which is stainless steel, has a power voltage of up to 660 volts, a linear voltage of 5 to 400 W/m.

Their length is 1-2000 meters. It is used in pipelines, in areas with explosive gas mixtures, for heating different spatial objects. It provides the highest level of resistance against corrosion.

High Temperature Cable Models

There are three different options among the Isıx high temperature cable types.

  • KS-TSM-CN heating cable
  • KS-TSM-SS heating cable
  • KS-TSM-C heating cable

Temperature cable models included in the T1 temperature class provide complete non-flammability. It operates at a frequency of 50-60 Hz and provides an operating voltage of up to 660 V AC. Other features include;

  • It shows high resistance to crushing.
  • Its mechanical strength is at the highest level.
  • It provides high level of reliability during operation.
  • It has high resistance to corrosion.
  • It is resistant to sea water, oil and aggressive environments.

High temperature resistant cables provide a safe environment for different usage areas. Single-wire heating core heating cables are produced to resist the toughest conditions while providing a high safety environment in the areas where they are used.

High Temperature Cable Prices

Heatingx high temperature cable prices, which are resistant to long-term temperatures up to 600 degrees depending on the shell material in its structure, vary. There is also the possibility of special ordering so that sections can be produced for another operating voltage.

Heatingx, which has been providing quality and professional service to the sector for many years, has the most affordable prices and payment options as the leader of the sector in floor heating systems, heating applications for snow and ice melting and high temperature cables. For the highest level of heating and the lowest costs, you can take advantage of advantageous payment options by contacting Isıx.

High Temperature Cable

High Temperature Cables Models

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