Hmax Series Heat Trace Reguleli Cable

Hmax Series Heat Trace Reguleli Cable

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Cable selection table and other technical details are provided in the description section. HMax series heat trace cables are used for “Frost Prevention” purposes. Please refer to our high temperature cables to maintain fluid temperature (hot water line, steam line, etc.).

  • PipeMax Series Product Catalog
  • HMax10 Datasheet
  • HMax20 Datasheet
  • HMax30 Datasheet
  • HMax Heating Cable Operating Manual

Product Detail

HMax self-regulated heating cables are designed to provide freezing protection for metallic and non-metallic pipes. Whether the application is a small project or a complex network, it is easy to design an electric heat trace system with the HMax heater cable. Please follow the link for hazardous area classification (Exproof, Atex).

Usage areas

• Frost protection or low temperature maintenance

• Metallic or non-metallic pipes, tanks and equipment

• Sewer pipes, suction and drain lines

• Water meters and external pipes/taps

• Water pipes in unsymberated areas

• Sprinkler Systems

• Cooling

Note: For a complete installation, you should make pipe heat insulation.

Technical Values

  • Wattage at 10C : 10Watt/m, 20Watt/m, 30Watt/m
  • Network: 230V Ac
  • Maximum Energy Temperature: 65C
  • Maximum EnergyLess Strength Temperature: 85C
  • Classification: T-6 ( 85C )
  • Document: CE, EAC

Cable Structure

  • Conductive 2×0.75 mm², 2×1.5mm² or 2×2.5mm²
  • Strong outer layer and flexible structure
  • Cutable cable
  • Easy connection
  • Integrated cold tip
  • Orders can be placed at 20 W/m, 30 W/m or 40 W/m. Different powers are optional
  • 230 V standard (24 V, 115 V and 400 V optional)


It is designed to maintain temperatures above 150 C. It is used in heat trace applications of refrigeration industry and industrial organizations. It can maintain its flexibility at -70C.

Cable Structure: double conductive + silicone insulation or high temperature silicone insulation


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    Hmax Series Heat Trace Reguleli Cable
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