Hobby Greenhouse Underground Heating System

Hobby Greenhouse Underground Heating System

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Ideal for frost prevention, root strengthening and your projects

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The use of heating cables in the greenhouse sector; It has advantages such as earliness, increased efficiency and less drug use. Thanks to their flexible structures, heating cables can be used under the ground as well as under the seed stands or to heat the plants where the temperature balance is of vital importance.

There are basically 2 types of underfloor heating in the hobby greenhouse. Underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating. The narrow return diameter of the hot water pipes used in water systems and the high installation costs of external equipment to heat the water make it the right choice to use electric underfloor heating in small areas such as hobby greenhouses.

System; It consists of heating cables and control unit.

Heating cables: The heating cables that you can use in your hobby greenhouse are T2Max Heating Cables that are not affected by water and moisture under the ground. After calculating your heating area, you can place an order. Our customer representative will contact you after the order and ask you how to use the T2Max heating cable. Our T2Max heating cable will be prepared according to your preference to heat the floor of your entire greenhouse, heat the planting rows or heat your seed / seedling stands.

Control Unit: We will send you a control unit to control your heating cables or heating mats created from this cable. Thanks to this panel, you will be able to monitor the temperature digitally. You can use the temperature sensor, which comes as 3 meters as standard, at the point where you want to measure the temperature. The ideal use is to measure the soil temperature at a distance of 5 cm from the heating cable.

Heatingx, which has been designing heaters for provincial / district agriculture directorates and many private greenhouses since 1995; recommends using our root heating system in your hobby greenhouse.

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    Hobby Greenhouse Underground Heating System
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