Hotel Bath Underfloor Heating System

Hotel Bath Underfloor Heating System

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Commercial baths larger than 12m2; It has many variables specific to the bath such as heating on the walls, navel stone, basin areas, niches, artistic works, vents on the floor, how to control the heating system. You can place an order by creating a product or contact our company.

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About the Product: For detailed information about our bath heating systems, you can visit our address On this page, detailed information is given for commercial baths with a heating area of over 11m2.

The most effective and trouble-free heating system for hotels or commercial baths stands out as electric underfloor heating. It is important to make the right decision on the heating areas in order to make effective heating in the baths. The floor we step on, the sitting area, the core stone and the backrest area must be heated.

Thermostat Selection: Your bath heating system should be controlled by thermostat and sensor. At this point, 3 different thermostat selections come to the fore.

  1. Control Panel : It should be used for heating area over 10m2. It is flush. Comes with rail type digital thermostat and sensor.
  2. Control Panel / Digital Thermostat : It is the right choice for our customers who have a heating area of over 10m2 and also want to control the heating system with a surface-mounted digital thermostat.
  3. Two or more thermostats: You can use more than one thermostat for a heating area of 10 m2 or more. It is the right choice for our customers who want to distribute the electrical load to the thermostats and control your heating system separately by dividing them into zones. In this preference, the power is not given over the control panel, but over 2 or more thermostats. At this point, a separate supply line should be drawn for each thermostat. It can be selected to control the navel stone and the heating area separately. 1 thermostat has 16A capacity. It is not recommended to exceed 12A, so that the thermostat does not deteriorate over the years. For this reason, you can use 1 thermostat for a 10m2 heating area (average 2800Watt).

Selection of Heating Area: The most effective and trouble-free heating system for hotels or commercial baths stands out as electric underfloor heating. It is important to make the right decision on the heating areas in order to make effective heating in the baths. The floor we step on, the sitting area, the core stone and the backrest area must be heated. At this point, please take your measurements by referring to the figure below. Select the option closest to the total heating area you have obtained from the box above.

Notes on Heating Area:

  • If the heating area you calculated is less than 10m2, please order from our product .
  • The backrest can be selected as 100 cm high or 50 cm high, starting from 10 cm above the seating area.
  • You can measure as if there is no strainer or stream on the ground. During assembly, the cables will be brought closer to each other to create the necessary space. Details are explained in detail in the installation manual.
  • You can heat the back sections of the walls corresponding to the sitting area. You may not make heating on the empty walls or the parts that continue at the end of the sitting area.
  • Consider only the upper part of the Navel Stone. There are 2 ways to make the navel stone hotter than other areas. You can control the navel stone independently with a separate thermostat. In this way, only the navel stone can be heated in the summer and spring months, especially in commercial baths, and foaming applications can continue. The other method is to increase the amount of heating cable used in the navel stone (laying cables more frequently) and thus to feel the heat more intensely. When ordering, please specify the relevant options according to your request.

Selection of Thermal Insulation: Insulation is an important part of your underfloor heating system. There are many insulation options available in construction markets. You can find different products from the market with high-level technical insulation values, as well as from Heatingx.

Izomax Undertile Teknik mattress has been developed to provide effective insulation under ceramic or marble with industry-leading insulation values. Just like your underfloor heating product, your marble or ceramic flooring continues to preserve its form and properties as long as it does not change. With its ultra-thin (6mm) structure, it does not raise the floor much in projects with elevation problems. Cover. It has the same insulation values as the 3cm insulation products.


We offer 2 guarantees for our hammam floor heating product.

  1. 20 Years Working Guarantee: Our bathroom and hammam seating area heating cables (Tmax, T2max) are manufactured with the engineering and raw material infrastructure required for at least 50 years of operation under concrete in an airless and still environment. For this reason, after installation, your marble flooring will continue to do its job until it changes. In case of a manufacturing defect, product replacement (construction works belong to you) or refund (up to the invoice amount) is contractually determined in line with our SafeMax Warranty procedure. We are proud that we have not had any defective products since 1995.
  2. Best Price Guarantee: As Isitex, we are very confident in our products and prices. If you want to trust us and buy the same product from us, even though we are more expensive; please let us know where you got a better price ( ) we promise to reduce our competitor’s price to one click symbolically. If you would like more detailed information about warranties, please visit our SafeMax Page .

Note: Heating cables can be relocated during assembly and you can continue laying even if there are slight deviations in your size.

Note: Heatingx, which has been manufacturing and installing heating cables since 1995; It offers its products as a set that is very easy to lay and hassle-free. You can easily install your system yourself or with the help of an electrician. All the materials and explanations you will need are sent in the product box. Please note that you can get uninterrupted support before or after sales.


Although there are alternative systems offered for sale in the market to create the “high heat” that makes the baths a bath, the most economical and most useful system you can choose for your hotel bath is the ISITMAX Hotel Bath Underfloor Heating Mattress. The mattresses, which are very practical to install thanks to their flexible structure, provide the high temperature desired to be achieved in the bath in a short time, and do not strain your budget by preserving the temperature values thanks to the sensitive sensor thermostats that they work with.

ISITMAX Hotel Hamam Underfloor Heating Mattresses, which are suitable for use in flat and wide baths, are produced in 50 cm and 100 cm sizes. You can choose 100 cm mattresses to warm the floors of large baths, and 50 cm mattresses to warm narrower areas such as the navel, back and calf areas. (You can use ISITMAX Hotel Bath Underfloor Heating Cables in narrow and angular baths. Please click for detailed information.) Each floor heating system installed in different areas is controlled by a separate thermostat. In this way, the desired temperature is obtained in the desired area and energy saving is achieved by preventing unnecessary heating. It will be sufficient to set the temperature of the navel stone to 45-55 degrees, and to 40 degrees in other areas.

Activating the high security ISITMAX Hotel Hamam Underfloor Heating Mats approximately 45 minutes before using the hammam will bring the temperature of the hammam to the required level.

ISITMAX Hotel Hamam Underfloor Heating Mattress is not affected by ambient conditions thanks to its reinforced, sheltered structure, and can be used safely for many years without the need for maintenance as it is produced with a technology that will prevent it from malfunctioning.

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