Hotel Type Bath Heating

Konut ve Villa Tipi Hamam Isıtma Mat Kitleriyle İlgili Bİlgiler

Residential and villa type hammam heating mat kits; It consists of TMax underfloor heating cables, which are fabricated on plastic carrier nets at certain intervals in order to facilitate assembly. Industry Leader, with its strong and flexible structure, has been developed to provide effective heating under marble and on walls.

The Heating Mat is easily laid out on the floor, core stone, sitting area as it comes out of the box. For the back area, the heating nets carrying the cables must be fixed to the wall with sheathing dowels. In accordance with the installation booklet, the sensor and thermostat placement is made with the help of an electrician.

One digital thermostat 16A / max to control the system. 10m2 / max. 3000Watt (Product Code: 871284) has been added to the box.

Important note: Variables such as floor siphon design, seat widths, dimensions of the backrest area, the distance between the door entrance where the thermostat will be placed and the heater; You will be asked by our customer representative after placing an order. We kindly ask you to keep the project or a drawing prepared by you.

Note: The ready-to-install set for baths up to 10 m2 is listed on our website. For underfloor heating works in commercial baths over 10 m2, please visit our relevant page.


  • Single-conductor TMax Heating Cable is the strongest cable in the industry.
  • Effective heating power output: 300W/m2
  • Quick Installation: Simply unfold the mat and fix it on the floor
  • Flexible Installation: Cables can be shaped by cutting the net (using grille / strainer)
  • 100% earth shield with copper braid with aluminum winding to ensure electrical safety
  • Suitable for under-marble heating.
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  9. More About Hamam Heating

    Underfloor bath heating systems can be used in home and villa baths, as well as the most ideal heating system, especially in commercial baths and spa centers. The system heated with underfloor heating mattresses and cables under marble and tiles; It can be used in any area that needs to be heated, such as the floor of the bath, the back area, the sitting area, the navel stone. In accordance with the project, the navel stone can be adjusted to higher temperature values.

    The most important feature of the electric bath heating systems is that the underfloor heating system is easy to install and you have the control of the heating system with digital thermostats. It is installed faster than alternative systems, the installation cost is lower, the operating cost is at a minimum level and the application of the under-concrete heater mattress is equivalent to the life of the floor material.

    ISITMAX, which has been manufacturing underfloor heating mats and cables for houses, villas and corporate businesses since 1995, has hammam heating manufacturing in every power and heat group. Please send us your project or drawings by e-mail or whatsapp. Our expert team will contact you and offer the most accurate price offer.

    Our bath heating applications are under the 10-Year ISITMAX SafeMax Guarantee.


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