How is Electric Underfloor Heating Made?

How is Electric Underfloor Heating Made?

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The components of the electric floor heating system consist of electric heating cable, thermostat and sensors.

Operation of Electric Underfloor Heating System

For the electric floor heating system, firstly, the heating cables are laid on the floor to be heated and a thermostat is connected to control the floor temperature, so you can control the floor temperature very comfortably.

When the temperature adjusted with the thermostat reaches the tiled floor, the electric heating cable is automatically deactivated and energy saving is achieved. However, if the floor on which the heating cables are laid in the electric underfloor heating system falls below the amount of heat you set, the heating cables will be activated automatically and the heating process will be provided again. The electric floor heating system continues to be used in this way.

Other Features

Electric underfloor heating systems provide heat control by deactivating the heating cables if the temperature reaches the desired level. This will be a good choice for you both in terms of health and economy. Cable selection is made according to the area and floor where the electric underfloor heating system will be installed, and protected and safe cables consisting of at least 5 layers are preferred. If the temperature drops below a certain level, the heating cables are activated again and heat up until the desired amount of heat is reached. Each room can be used with a separate temperature rating.

Heating can reach every point and is superficial, since the floor is laid all over the area to be heated. The thermostat always ensures the control of the heat and ensures the recovery of the heat lost in open areas, and ensures that the amount of heat inside does not decrease in closed areas. It is easy to install and requires no specialized skills. It can be installed and used within a few hours. The electric underfloor heating system can easily heat tile, wood, carpeted and laminate floors.

Usage areas

Electric floor heating systems can be easily used in bathrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, other parts of the house, baths, greenhouses, schools, hospitals, mosques, gyms, pet shelters, stadiums, offices, stairs, ramps and carpet pitches. Steel armored and extremely safe cables are used in the baths, they are very safe against wetting and watery areas. Even if the heating system is installed in water, it does not pose a danger.

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