How is Underfloor Heating Used?

How is Underfloor Heating Used?

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Underfloor heating system is one of the most used heating systems in Turkey in recent years. Underfloor heating is the name given to all the systems that are realized by heating the place to be heated from the floor. Warming is carried out by laying cables or pipes under the floor covering. Although the initial investment costs seem high at first, they are systems that can pay for themselves in terms of heating efficiency and energy savings afterwards.

Underfloor heating systems provide fuel savings of approximately 25-30% compared to conventional honeycomb systems. In addition, it is possible to increase the temperature level up to 40 – 45 degrees in such systems.

Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating systems come in three different forms. The first is water pipe floor heating systems. In water pipe systems, heating is provided by passing hot water through the pipes laid on the floor.

The second underfloor heating system is electric underfloor heating systems. In this system, heating is provided by means of electrical cables laid on the floor.

The third system is the underfloor heating system with carbonic film.

The application of the first two systems is made under the floor slab. However, the third system provides heating by laying it under the carpet without the need for a renovation or construction process.

How is Underfloor Heating Used?

Underfloor heating systems are applied in the form of laying pipes or cables that will transmit heat (water pipe or electric) under the floor of the place where it is planned to be heated, and laying a thin screed on it. After the screed, the desired floor material is covered and the system is completed. Then, thermostats and automation system are installed in the heated spaces. Thermostats in rooms control the temperature of the room they belong to. Since underfloor heating systems can work with all kinds of energy, they also offer ease of use.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

    1. The system works automatically and automatically stops when it reaches the desired level.
    2. Since underfloor heating systems distribute the heat homogeneously, there is no temperature difference in different parts of the space to be heated.
    3. It is a comfortable system as there is no dust and particle emission to the environment like conventional heating systems.
    4. In underfloor heating systems, the spaces are heated as desired and can be controlled by thermostats. In this respect, it is quite economical.
    5. It does not require a special electrical installation.
    6. It can also be applied to partial areas for houses. For example, a heating system can only be installed in the bathroom or living room.
    7. It can be laid horizontally as well as vertically.
    8. Underfloor heating systems do not take up space in the house and do not create visual pollution.
    9. It is long lasting.

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