How is Wired Underfloor Heating Made?

How is Wired Underfloor Heating Made?

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Underfloor Heating

Today, the most preferred method in heating systems in the construction industry is undoubtedly the cabled floor heating systems. Wired underfloor heating is usually made from the base floors of newly built structures using suitable materials. We can examine underfloor heating systems in 3 main groups.

    1. Electric cable floor heating
    2. Underfloor heating with carbon film
    3. Water piped underfloor heating

Water pipe floor heating

It is a floor heating method that is generally used during renovation and rough construction periods. If the floors of the buildings are completed, piped water floor heating cannot be done. After laying the pipe floor, the temperature of the hot water in the pipe works at 40-45 degrees. Any type of heater that can carry water can be used in the tubular floor heating method. In the piped wet floor, there is a rise of 65-75 mm from the ground, including the screed, within a certain plan. A good insulation must be a must when installing tubular underfloor heating. Because in floor heating, insulation is indispensable for good heating. There are modulation panels that allow pipes and thermal insulation to be laid at certain intervals while tubular floor heating is being made. If the pipes and insulation are laid between these modulation panels in a good plan, we will get the required efficiency in tubular floor heating.

Wired underfloor heating

It is called a heating system laid on the ground with resistance cables. When cables are laid on the ground, they have a certain resistance and heat. It is common to use wired underfloor heating, especially in office and residential underfloor heating.

Why choose a cable heating system?

Wired underfloor heating system provides more economical heating in places where natural gas is not available. In the wired underfloor heating method, there is an independent temperature control in the room. No engine room is required. When opened from the panel, it provides floor heating between 10-30 minutes.

Underfloor heating with carbonic film

Floor heating covered with carbonic film is generally made by covering it under carpet, parquet and PVC. Carbon heater films are made on the upper part of the floor. Carbon film should never be applied to wet floors while underfloor heating is being applied. Instead of resistance or wire type materials, carbon films contain substances called carbon particles.

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