How Much Does Electric Ground Heating Burn?

How Much Does Electric Ground Heating Burn?

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As the winter months approached gradually, the issue of warming and its costs came up again. The need for warming in Turkey, which usually begins in November, continues until April and in some cities until early May. Almost half the year we use various heating systems to heat our homes and places. When winter comes, the budget for the house inevitably increases due to the amount spent on the cost of heating. Especially in winter, heating costs are not a very cost-saving spending item. For healthy environments, it is very important to live in a warm house in cold weather. Therefore, consumers prefer heating systems where they will get the most affordable and best efficiency. This is where the electric heating system comes in. Natural gas and coal stoves are among the most preferred heating systems in Turkey. Then comes the heating system using power tools. In addition, electric underfloor heating, which has recently been preferred by most people They have systems.

How does electric underfloor heating technology work?

Electric cables are connected to the floor of the place, which is planned to be heated first. Then a thermostat is placed to adjust the temperature of these cables and the connection is provided. The sensor connected outside the cables and thermostat is another element of this system. The thermostat allows you to control the temperature level as you wish. The biggest feature of this thermostat is that it controls energy saving. When the temperature level you set through the thermostat is reached, the sensor automatically disables the thermostat and disconnects from the cables. This allows you to spend much less energy than usual. When the temperature on the ground drops below the desired level, the cables are reconnected. Thus, electric underfloor heating system will run again.

Is there a fire hazard in the underfloor heating system?

With or without an electric heating system, every building has an electrical material called a leakage current relay at the entrance. It looks like the insurance we have in our homes, but the way it works is completely different from the insurance. Thanks to this relay, problems caused by electrical leaks are prevented. When the electric underfloor heating system is running, if the electric current comes more than it should, the circuit inside this relay is automatically turned on. This prevents leaks and fires. Since this part in the building controls all electrical current, it also controls the electric underfloor heating system. Therefore, there is no possibility of a fire due to electrical leakage.

What are the benefits of electric underfloor heating?

First of all, it provides space width, since there are no materials such as heaters or heaters in the house. The temperature is evenly distributed throughout the house. Therefore, with the electric underfloor heating system, some rooms are prevented from being colder or warmer than they should be. It is quite easy to use, thanks to the thermostat the desired temperature is adjusted, it opens and closes automatically. Installation is effortless. If there is a coating or other thermal insulation system in the building, it is a very cost-effective heating system. In winter, it is not necessary to allocate high budgets for heating. Therefore, it is very economical. It works quietly, does not cause dust accumulation like systems that provide warm air and heat up. The electric underfloor heating system does not require continuous maintenance as in natural gas. In addition, in cases where the power is out, if there is a generator in the building, it can operate connectedly. It is not affected by interruptions. If it is evaluated in terms of human health, there is no risk of poisoning cases in natural gas systems. Since the electric underfloor heating system is automatically switched off in adverse situations, it does not pose a threat to safety in case of flooding, fires and other natural disasters that may occur in the building.

In which places is the underfloor heating system used?

This system, which has quite different usage areas, was first used in factories and buildings for industrial purposes. Over time, the use of electric underfloor heating system became widespread and became a frequently preferred system in newly built houses today. This system, which is used not only inside houses but also on building roofs, prevents snow and ice accumulated on the roof. In addition, roof edge and in-groove heating can be done with this system. Electric underfloor heating systems, which are also used quite often in baths and hotels, are also used in public institutions and organizations, schools, hospitals and shopping malls. Another area of use is stadiums. It is applied under the field so that the special floor grass used in the field is not affected by cold weather and snow. Underfloor heating system is also used to prevent accidents in traffic, especially on intercity roads, key points.

What should be considered in electric underfloor heating?

There are also some points to consider in the electric underfloor heating system, which is quite easy to maintain and use compared to other heating systems. First of all, it is necessary to fix the heat at a certain rate, as it can cause headaches if not used carefully. What should be considered in its use varies depending on which floor it is laid under. If it is located under a wooden floor, it is ideal that the thickness of the wood should be no more than 1 cm. The cable to be used must also be selected according to this ground. Otherwise, the wood can dry and be damaged. For wet floors, the opposite is true. It can be used easily. In wet ground, leakage current relay comes into play in case of possible problems that may occur infrequeringly.

How much does the underfloor heating system cost to fuel?

In the electric underfloor heating system, almost half the fuel price of the gas bill is paid. Therefore, it is the most preferred heating system for home and workplaces of recent times. In addition, it is preferred because it is especially economical in places such as hammam and stadium grass under the field, which should be constantly hot. In other heating systems, perhaps millions should be spent, but by using underfloor heating system, significant savings are made. Considering its features such as low installation cost, very small amount of electricity spent, heating in a very short time and continuous protection of heat, it is seen that it is one step ahead of other heating systems. It is also advantageous because it does not require special maintenance and cleaning. Since the heat is constantly controlled by the smart thermostat in it, electricity bills do not come in high numbers as in natural gas. Electric underfloor heating system is preferred because it is user-friendly and economical.

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