How Should Underfloor Heating Floor Covering Be?

How Should Underfloor Heating Floor Covering Be?

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Underfloor heating system is one of the most preferred heating systems because it does not take up space. Underfloor heating systems, which do not narrow the space and prevent the formation of a bad image due to not using a radiator, have many options according to customer preferences.

Underfloor Heating Options

    1. Pipe water underfloor heating system
    2. Underfloor heating system with electric cable
    3. Underfloor heating system created with carbonic film

How is Underfloor Heating System Laid?

First, the panels are placed in the place where the system will be installed. On the placed panels, suitable material is placed on whichever heating system is preferred. If piping system is preferred, pipe or electric underfloor heating is desired, electrical cables should be preferred. These options are left entirely to customer preference.

Underfloor Heating System Benefits

Thanks to the underfloor heating system, an average temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold can be achieved. Due to the even distribution of heat, people using this system save a lot. This type of heating, which is generally preferred for crowded places, provides a comfortable use of the place. It also eliminates a rough or crowded image system. All these advantages are not details that increase the cost of the system. Also, a normal warming style often causes offensive odors and heat. However, such a situation does not occur in the underfloor heating system.

Concrete is poured over the laid heating system , and then the tile can be placed, just like a normal surface. Parquet is laid in the same way. The soft level to which the parquet will be attached can be mounted on the concrete. Whatever the material to be coated on the heat system is, it will not cause any problems for heat dissipation. The important thing is to choose a quality product. It is of great importance that the preferred material is long-lasting and safe. The coating on the created panels does not block the heat. But the installation of the installation should be done professionally. Pipe placement must be done after the cable placement has been passed through adequate tests. The customer should agree with a competent company for this. The preferred material and the work done must be done with seriousness.

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